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Kentucky, Kentucky reporting many cases in Children age five or younger. You're listening to ABC News. News radio time. 50 to an explosion and fire on a boat has hurt several people in Larimer County. Today. One of the individuals Wass flown out by helicopter. All three individuals or transported by ground doing to others were hurt, but did not need hospital treatment. It happened this morning in a marina on horse to reservoir west of Fort Collins. Chris Wolfe, with Pooter Fire says it appears the boats engine exploded. The resulting fire destroyed the boat. Wolf says The investigation is ongoing. Pine Gulch fire in Mesa County continues to grow its now at more than 20,000 acres in more than 450 firefighters are battling hot temperatures, low humidity and winds gusting to 20 miles per hour. The fire 0% contained. It's burning about 18 miles north of Grand Junction. The Pine Gulch fire was lightning caused and began July 31st. 100% of Colorado now under some level of drought problem for Colorado is how dry we our latest draught monitor shows that all of Colorado was covered in either abnormally dry or drought conditions. Pretty bad situation, considering how dry the outlook is for August and much of September, Fox, 31 meteorologist Matt Maicon's also notes are monsoon season has largely been a no show. The average price for a home in the metro area now at more than $600,000 as the demand for single family homes climbs, Realtor Brendan Bartek says people want elbow room, I think hope it really set off Ah, lightbulb in people's heads saying, Look, if we if we get locked down again, I wanna have a yard. I wanna have a a bigger place. I don't want my significant other breathing down my throat. Arctic says the market is particularly hot in Littleton are Vata and Thornton and Rockies and Mariners. Our coverage coming up it's six. Next update At 5 30 David Ko Ko, a news radio 8:50 a.m. and 94 1 FM North and 25 were bunched up real good for the curve at university. He looks like a wreck of steel. It's mostly been moved off to the right still blocking the right lane right now..

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