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I dropped 65,000 miles in my Plus each year If people knew what I know lives could be saved, like how there are some things simply can't see. My route. The other day, a car tried to sneak past me and ends up right in my blind spot. I turned slowly, so accent avoided, but no car should be in the blind spot for £40,000 bus. It's our roads. Our safety visit www dot share the road safely dot gov. 5 24 We bring Yuko mo traffic every 10 minutes on the forest. Here's Marina Way have a new problem Since we talked last South bound I five just south of Highway 18. A collision is partially blocking the H O. V lane, so that's still bumper to bumper traffic coming out of federal way. Uh, down past that scene and then all the way into five. We have a solid back up north and I five into coma from an earlier issue at Highway 16. That's why it's so slow from 56. The westbound 5 12 Still seeing reports of a collision, you're still streets of the right lanes are blocked and South bound. 167 is Bumper to bumper traffic from 1/80 as you leave rented all the way down to the 5 16 interchange, and that's because of a collision that's been blocking for quite some time in that area. And we saw that big back up. Eastbound I 90. Ifyou're we're hoping to get to Houston, Washington Today we have a two hour 23 minute travel time between North Bend and Ellensburg. This look a traffic brought to you by our Gacy cruises. Agassi Cruises Evergreen Excursion Takes you out to Black Island State Park for a fire roasted lunch. First people's history and miles of forest trails and beaches. Learn more of our gacy cruises dot com. You're next. Come, Oh traffic at 5 34 Gonna get Sonny this weekend. Still, some clouds lingering tonight with lows in the fifties. With forecast brings us into the seventies. Tomorrow. The eighties on Sunday in low nineties by Monday, rather sound right now. Bellevue 72 Comma 68. It's 66 in Everett and 66 in downtown Seattle. Comeau News time. 5 25 For the past four months. So many fans didn't think we'd have a major league baseball season and tonight the Seattle Mariners open their 2020 schedule.

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