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Hundreds of white ravens flocking lego winter's finally come flick can winter came as certain seasons to his sons of bitches all of those are going to kingsley hashtag fake news have winter is not here ned start did not know what he's talking about anyway other finally power is power um it's so funny how there's a lot of meditation in this episode and like this whole series has because later on various will per pound them the riddle about the the cell soared the the lord and the the high septa in and who has the power and all that yet where's the show come down on power is power because even season seven it's tough to tell like dini has power because of her dragons at her military might and before she had that she'd have shit yeah robert before he was able to now i mean rob is probably the most like pure of a leader because he didn't ask reading these things he didn't want any those things although win would your put it to him hey you want to lead this thing rob blake arami jobs like a uh so maybe protest a bit too much it has a want any of this but you know what i'm saying like yeah no it is it will he had an open question yeah um i guess i find myself mostly agreeing with sursee in the scene yes it seems like a showed us too because i thought ultimately the whole point of the parable was the the the power resides where people think it does yeah which is essentially the massive people is is is what give people power because when they rebelled in to get restless when they you know that then kings tend to get displaced by the series isn't seeming to support that thesis yet and so much of like taiwian philosophy was who ran like directly counter to that ride like who cares what the people think they're they're centrally peasants in the only people the matter or line lined obama concern himself with the opinions of sheep right and we saw what happened to essentially the entire lancaster family at this point saved two of them so i.

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