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Work with you. Let's see what the preemptive clearly you pick the right person near where stragglers rides, where generating April particles in the multi mechanisms on how fibrous Redo stragglers ride had a beneficial effect I've actually with. Peter. Jones published. Data using in Mars on resume stat and phenol fabric acid, and you in some people, there are Pretty Nice reductions in ldl particle counts using phenol vibrate always more. But when you looked at the particle analysis when you were even combining pheno fabric acid with the fibrous or excuse me with the Stanton. You got way more dramatic remnant reductions with the fibrous than you ever did with the stat and so another reason, and almost certainly that person would trigger four hundred. There were some contribution from remnants in that person you would think so. Just. Don't forget vibrates a tragedy to me or young lipid, allergists are not being taught about it. Few of them can give you a dissertation on vibrates and how they work and what is their trial history goddess forty years of trial history that you can only garner a little bit from any trial. So I find that sad that it's not even being toward anymore and people badly condemned it without knowing what they're talking about He's feel lucky to have been trained by dinosaurs. Some of US have been around the block for a few times or so. But you know US old dinosaurs where we meet you young brilliant guys you keep us if I wanNA still. Talk to this guy got to keep up with this stuff because I know things I said ten fifteen years ago or silly now 'cause you gotta keep learning. You know that guys like you are really good for me that I just can't rest on my laurels. Tom This has been there's been a lot of fun. We were supposed to do this last week and we had some technical difficulties. So we postponed till this week and I'm glad we did because it was it was worth being able to do it and actually be able to look at each other through a screen as opposed to just have to do it by by phone and so I wanNA. Thank you obviously for your continued insight. You make a great difference in our practice I guess I should fully disclose to people you are now. Basically fulltime inside tm medical as a practice you're on the back side of things things doing mostly research that we drag you into at least a third of our patient calls and we always consult with you on all of our cardiovascular cases. So I hope you're also enjoying being back to clinical medicine somewhat even though it said a much lower volume, we certainly enjoy having you. It's been such a wonderful part of if this is the finish of my career still being able to do this, and you know although I know a lot of this lipid stuff to basic science. I've always been what I Mike Davis Clinical epidemiologists now that this lipid stuff is meaningful if you can't use it at the bedside and make individualize things so. I'm just thrilled to be able to contribute to you and. I think one day as you know I'm trying to write and generating put more and more to to writing that will become available to your followers and subscribers, and so folks stay tuned for that and I will say and maybe another podcast and are probably better people me to talk to. But the one thing we didn't get into today is the emerging genetic world genetic analysis of life of proteins and specifically the genetic Lipa Doses F. H. who needs that type of testing? who doesn't whatever you discover? What can you do for? It's another hall serious podcasts. So other than that. Thank you for everything Peter meeting you a long time ago in Reno. Nevada. Was a big day in my life.

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