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I have a conspiracy theory related to this okay to something else you re tweeted this morning from the antitrump conservative william kristol who says this is a rumor but one he finds credible that trump now that he's gotten rid of rex tillerson gary cohn is preparing to fire sessions named scott pruitt acting attorney general but she can since pruitt as upa director already holds a senate confirmed position and then pruitt fires muller to end the russia investigation and bill kristol acknowledges the rumor status of this scenario but finds a credible so maybe tr trump is getting brazen enough now to actually try to pull this off and use this one critical thing the white house has ever said about russia as political cover to say i'm not soft on russia see why he just said this week or joan and my going off the deepak i don't think you're going off the deep end i i think we're already all off the deep end together brian so you know just trying to wrap your mind around why things are happening it's our job and it doesn't sound incredible to me it sounds it sounds possible i mean you know crystal did say that is a rumor but he does have good republican sources he has some white house sources other people have been ruminating about this possibility of pruitt swapping pruitt in for sessions and having him fire mueller i you know it would just be a dark day for democracy and i think people i hope people would take to the streets if that happened i didn't know the phrase that bill kristol used in that tweet that i guess washington hands and intelligence hands you news room it so when there's human intelligence something that a person tells an intelligence agency they call it humint because this is intelligence from a rumor he called it in all caps room to yes and lots of people were mocking on twitter for adding like some sort of spy man but anyway i i think we both understood what he was what he was saying it's not confirmed it's not it's not something he could report but he's hearing it and it's worth talking about and i think you know i think that's true not a ruminant which is something else we're going to ruminate on it though for a while i understand what's this all about and what's your role.

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