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His seventeen year old sister tightly Ryan buried on Chad day bells I the whole property on June ninth Bob Maclay KTAR news hi Kimberly how weird and sickening that whole story is just unbelievable all right deterred ends in the valley Chevy dealers traffic center we're getting better or getting worse as we head toward seven looks like a little better here at least on the US sixty eastbound we had a couple lanes blocked but the crash that occurred east of alma school eastbound is now all up what was left of it all up left up against the median wall of but I am seeing HOV lane open just be really careful try to move your right if you can't traffic is light enough you should be able to give him some extra room because I'm actually watching a guy standing in the HOV lane as we speak that's dealing with the tow trucks off moving over to the right just to be safe south bound seventeenth nineteen th Avenue just coming out of the Durango curve never once left lane blocked from a crash there you'll get a stay right you're also going to see if you brake lights for that as well an extra minute or two to your right there coming up on that crash again nineteenth Avenue stop on seventeen this traffic report brought to you by blue sky press control blues guy pest control Rosie on the house certified partner provides termite protection services valley wide better technicians better service blues got pest control call today six oh two blue sky deterred and get your news mostly sunny and breezy today the high one hundred eleven clear tonight with a low of eighty and one eleven for the high tomorrow your weather's brought to you by Howard air now some sports with that sports guy Paul county see I have you checked your email Jim for a big E. vite from.

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