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Property tax bills. He's been preaching it. He is preacher. We'll get him with them here. Stick with us quickey break about ninety six be right back here on the other side of Texas. Thank you for answering. My question. Oh, I hope I did is. I don't fear anything more than heights, and I tried to the best. I could. Face a fear in dude. Anyway, in not helpful one thing that I need to riff on as we wait for Charles Johnson here on the program. An unspoken hero in America. Right now is Dan Crenshaw who is lectured to the US congress. And unspoken, Texas he wrote I should say elected into the Texas congress the US congress of Texas, excuse me. All this. But oh roar Chi and Dan Crenshaw making ways over the weekend, of course, Saturday Night Live who like if I knew ten people to people watch. But Crenshaw writing a piece in the Houston chronicle today the title being the Serna live Motte my appearance. Here's why I didn't demand apology in. If you sing Crenshaw before where's the patch because he was serving NF ghanistan in a roadside bomb. Went off the past couple of weeks have been unusual for me to say, the least Crenshaw says after a year of hard campaigning for congress in Texas and gradually entering into the public sphere. I was hit sudden blinding I was hit by a sudden blinding spotlight. But I have no complaints. It wasn't as bad as some other challenges of face. Like, a sudden blinding I d in parentheses see what I did there. Now live as created a comedic monster. On the November third show S and L's Pete Davidson, mar mock Ma appearance, quote, he lost his eye in war, or whatever Davidson said referring to the eye patch. I wear his lawn about my looking like a quote hitman from a particular kind of genre than I won't say because I didn't give warning movie was significantly less infuriating than. I'll be a little strange. I woke up on Sunday morning after the show to hundreds of Tex about what Davidson said he goes on to say that Davidson's dad died in Manhattan trying to save lives. And he honored that they're not. I thought it was a great moment of how we can all in this political climate the so wound up and Davidson's devil in this sentence. Other in Crenshaw think laid out a great example all that to say I'm looking forward to twenty twenty four Benoa Rourke versus Dave Crenshaw for the presidency. But more than that for the time being when I'm looking forward to is our friend Charles foster Johnson right here. Passers Ford Texas children chime in the end in you don't come on often enough. But here your their brother. Hey, good to be on your show. I'm. I'm glad you must be pleased with the political needle moving towards public education. Now in November moving into the next legislature. We certainly weren't at this place two years ago. Yeah. You're exactly right. Texas communities are wrapping their arms of love and care around their neighborhood schools and Texas folks, love love, Texas, public education, and this election reveal that certainly reflected that oh, we need is public leaders a life pastors business leaders real estate folks, standing up for public schools, then our politicians we'll follow. That's what they did this election. So we're going to see a twenty nineteen legislature very different from twenty seventeen until folks. Right. Quick. Charles foster Johnson, you were in Lubbock. You have been the senior passer. I don't know what the designation was it second Baptist in Lubbock. A lot of people within the immediate listening area know that voice know, your name, but tell us a little bit about passers for Texas. Children which advocate for and then we'll get into the political Mnuchin. Well pastors but Texas children was forty five years ago. Two out of the Christian life commission of the Baptist general convention of Texas..

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