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The house as well as miss laura marling and the hilarious comedian best selling plus the royal academy of radio actors will be there are first call radio players in a song of the week called me jomaa madden all this and much more hoped will join us a very hunger opinion six to eight this evening repeated tomorrow from eleven am to one pm here on kqed public radio am jet of iran i'm robert grow which and just pushes pick right back up with our our story from florida with tampa bay times reported been montgomery and their own on that kilty i so d two d two is daytona led fifty three of may third daytona beach daytona beach battery m what happened was went to the saying was these women mostly black who have lost people to police violence and i'm time sitting across the table from an african american city calcium in daytona beach and i told him what i've been working on a told them some of the numbers we learned and he said you you really need to meet our police chief jio themes mike chitwood earth just the edges the migratory okay he's the police chief of daytona beach known for its wild raucous spring break scenes are they have bike week the draws 500000 bikers from all over the country daytona international speedway and on top of that the permanent population there's like sixty two thousand people in over that sixyear period they've only had four police shootings and that slow jeffrey see like that that's really low jesse i need.

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