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Cindy. Carlson had a plan. She decided to secretly record a conversation with her estranged husband. Carl wearing a small voice recorder tucked under her Bra. She was hoping she could get him to confess. Burning down the family barn and killing all their horses and I just started telling him that I was considering getting back together with him. But I couldn't even consider it unless he started telling me the truth of Saints said he did Dern our marriage that he lied about and he Said to me as sounds like you want me to say that I hit something to do with Levi's death while at that moment I knew that we skipped right over the barn fire. I might be able to get him to confess about Levi. She asked him what happened inside the barn. The Day Levi died now I just kept talking to them and I'm at one point. He got To where he said that the truck was checked up. I know I asked him. So did you push the truck or was it hard to push? And he said No. It wasn't was that a confession. Cindy felt like it was. She took the recording to the police. But it was inaudible. Still detective. Clear was intrigued and asked her to do it again. I request. She agreed to be wired up to do a second interview under controlled circumstances. So Cindy put on the wire and went to meet Carl. This is a potentially dangerous situation. You're walking into are. Are you scared? I was actually Cam because I knew that Karl believed my story of wanting to get back together. Abigail restaurant near Seneca falls would be the meeting place it was mid November two thousand twelve. You had undercover officers in the restaurant. Four were they. Diners were they. Waiters diners. The detectives needed Cindy to get Karl to repeat. What she said was his confession to leave is murder but when she started grilling him again. Carl became suspicious Artemis Walkman. You can imagine what I had to convince them. That wasn't a trap. I offered for him to check my purse. It works and she got him back on the subject that day in two thousand eight. I asked you travel in person I said but I I took piano and that is exactly what you told me that. Set it up that way but when you were in you opportunity after this exchange crystallized John Clear suspicions about Carl Carlson. I felt I understood him to a degree. This is someone who doesn't think like we do. They still had no confession but detectives believe they had enough to bring him in for questioning. It was the moment of truth if Carl. Carlson refused to speak or if he called aware the case could evaporate but Carson wanted to talk. I mean I work multiple jobs and stuff like that. I worked Lhasa. I mean we were talking about his favorite subject. Police quickly steered Carl. To leave is death. He repeated what he told police. In two thousand eight he found Levi debt after returning home from the funeral. And and you know then. We went to the hospital. I loved trump but then Carl let something slip a possible motive. You don't kill your son you don't visit. We'll we'll tell you about money. What are you talking about? The detectives knew they were on the right track. There's not a conscience of play to there's nine empathy to play. What are what are we play to? What does he have while he has an ego? And it's a big one so that's the strategy that we shift to. Which is I gave them a lot of sympathy and a lot of attention. We know that you were in the air force and we all have to do because I respect you for that. Are you proud of the time spent? I think you should be proud of that. And I know that when you read their like anybody does not train. You probably retraining to make life deficit right. I think you just made more when when it came to leave. I think there was a problem. And you did what we're trained. What PROGRAMS DO I don't I wasn't..

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