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Rachel contract lawsuit legal fleeing of these other apps could provide all the evidence you need to win the case the app is free but the company plans to charge for each live contract the legal fleeing app is available for download the apple and android stores next month we consider in sassi already there the longer matters if you'll respect the point gogel's project zero has outed microsoft by revealing a security flaw in microsoft's edge web browser but you gotta give gugel credit in being polite they actually reported the flawed directly to microsoft first in mid november of last year they gave them plenty of notice to get things cleaned up microsoft however has not been able to patch it all within a ninety day responsible disclosure time prayed so the flaws been revealed to the public edge is microsoft's web browser doesn't put you would immediate risk of a hacker invading your computer like some of the other critical bugs we talked about but basically the flaw allows an attacker the bypass microsoft's edge arbitrary code guard the acg the code was set up on the edge browser to prevent hackers from executing delicious code from an already compromised browser microsoft says it hopes to have this whole thing patched up in march in the meantime always be careful about the lynch shoe clicking and the attachments that your downloading the on the safe side there's plenty of other browsers available is farhi for apple users there's google chrome or missile of fire fox quantum for apple and microsoft use triumph their free and if you're a user of amazon's cloud datastorage servers you may be getting what's called friendly warning from security researchers that your information has been made public warnings are primarily going out in the united kingdom that's great britain urging voters to secure all of their information before it's stolen by hackers you do that by changing passwords in the united states these friendly warning message is very telling some owners that the settings exposed data and others are more explicit saying hey fix this before the bad guys get it scary experts of busy scanning servers supporting amazon's simple store.

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