Pope Francis, Jo Jo, Governor Polish discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Meteorologist Jessica Labelle says Sunday and Monday. Highs will only be in the twenties with lows in the teens and single digits snow in the forecast for Sunday into Monday, but too soon to narrow down exactly how much to expect. Governor Polish is reacting to Pope Francis, who is now supporting civil union for same sex relationships, The governor says Pope Francis has spoken up for the protection of our environment, our planet and now his holiness using his voice to speak in support of LGBTQ people. The governor says he hopes the pope's words will ensure more equality around the world, with members and leaders of the Catholic Church leading the way with love and acceptance. I'm Chad Bauer on K Away News radio 8:50 A.m. and 94 1 FM from the bed, Friends Traffic Center. You've got corns on activity that may impact drive on mean highways around town. I 76 supposed to be closed between federal sheriff. We fill seats for traffic getting through in that area. You're going to find ramp closures on I 70 between Colorado Boulevard and E 4 70 Right now West, filed by seventy's a little on the slow side between 9 to 70 in Colorado Boulevard. No problems on C 4 70. And in wildfire affected areas. Some of the local roads and major highways maybe closed Fox 31 pinpoint whether you can expect it to be variably cloudy today. High of 65 Tonight was going to be about 42 currently it's 50. I'm Gary. Elbow on Kaylie News Radio. Live everywhere on the I Heart radio and you've got a shot to win $1000 bonus. Just listen for the key word for Big gallon Jo Jo every hour weekdays, 3 to $6000 bonus. Sponsored by diarrhea on K Away news.

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