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Did in traffic over about three guys. One thing about these three young guards all the droughts. I don't have to search this free. Love depends. Right. No doubt about it. With the exception of Ellison. They're all pretty good free throw shooters and McGowan seventy seven percent coming in. That'll go up and take he hits both of them now to for two of the line and Panthers back in front of four to three. Smith walks in front court on the pit logos. Still. The big little up top almost loses. It has to retrieve it shot clock at fifty Blackman penetrates as kind of a wild pass through traffic, and it's out about by Tony eleven seconds showing on the shot clock. And Jared Wilson frame is gonna make his. Replacing ponies. He got his hand on that ball and knock it out of bounce. Yeah. Blackman left his feet and got caught maybe north Alabama lucky to get the ball back here. Eleven seconds on the shot clock Panthers. Head by one played just over three minutes. Blattman takes the entry pass and retreats word half court shot clock now down to seven get too high screen on the trembling. Caught up a little bit. Now. Here's the three hundred for the one of the big guys Stafford he misses off the back of the rim. Listen frame making his presence felt with the rebound. Nice. Look down underneath Alison lanes. And the basket. Nice heads up play by Wilson. And that was up for grabs. Paternity the three point. That's a good play by Ellison. He was that was kind of like a little Twitter there. He wasn't on the on the proper foot to go in toward the basket and they managed to maintain his balance. And I think actually used the defender to to.

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