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I everyone and welcome to be on the great with me. Tom talks and we've got a spring in our step this week because not only is it the british grand prix which was the first f one race i ever attended back in one thousand nine hundred. Three beyond the grade has won a gong at the british podcast awards and a cafe at all. We one of the sport's biggest stars on the show this week charlotte lamb. He may not have the car to challenge for the title. But shaw is flying this year. He's had two pole positions in monaco and baco and he's shown. Incredible consistency in the races is currently sick in the world championship. Making him the highest place driver without a top three finish and scholley. It's only a matter of time before he adds to his tally of twelve. Podiums charles being on the podcast before back in two thousand eighteen when he was still racing for alfa romeo salva in his rookie season. So our chat. This time focuses on his years in red with ferrari. We reflect on his stupendous first season with the team in two thousand nineteen when he won a couple of races and came so close in bahrain as well and we look at how he's coped with the climb back to competitiveness after a tough twenty twenty. We also talk about teammates and team bosses. Bush charles talents arm limited to driving racing cars. He's developed a multitude of interests away from racing since we last spoke so we discuss those as well. And let's just say he's multitalented. It was great to spend time with them again. I hope you enjoy our conversation so great to see you. Last time you came on the pod. You're still a sour driver. Yeah there's been a lotta water under the bridge since then a little bit. Yeah things has changed quite quite quickly. let's deal with the whole big picture. Ferrari in what ways has driving for ferrari changed your life. I mean first of all. It was a dream since Since child obviously it was just incredible to know that. I will be driving for the team. I've always dreamed to be we since being a child. Then second in my private life also a little bit because friday drivers. I beat easier to recognize that. When i was in enough romeo so each a change a little bit but on the other hand half. You say that. I'm quite lucky in monaco people. I used to see formal drivers. So i'm actually having a normal life. Can you remember your first day's work for the team i do. I was very very impressed. By how many people were working on the cars I mean ferrari. We are a lot of people are the beginning. I felt quite lost to be honest. I really didn't know to who. I should speak to refer dotto dotti shoe but thankfully they really helped me and they was lost in the first days and and help me by putting just my mind geneva as a as the person to talk to for anything and then my engineer will help me to. Just go to the right guys at the right place. Yeah but it was very very impressive the first few days. How long did it take you to get your feet under the table at the team feel comfortable. I was comfortable from the from the beginning. I had a lot of things to learn but it felt like Like i've known them since a longtime straight away on the social relationships Then to feel comfortable in the way such a big teamwork's probably nearly a year will say nearly a year to understand exactly the dynamics. So the team. How you face issues. How you react to those problems. Yeah probably almost a year sommese and it's a long time really it. The man who only spent one year and every formula on the way up. Yeah yeah it is. It is a very very long time. But he's very very interesting to live. It fills a lot shorter and you can see oldest stepson every time. You are learning something that you have light than you are. You're just getting a better a better understanding of how everything works and also you feel more in control of the of the situation. How much better you now than you. Oh when you arrived my feel like. I've grown a lot as a driver as a person. How much better is difficult to quantify. But i definitely feel a better driver compared to when i when i first arrived just how much detail we are going into after every Difficult races bowl softer good races. We've had y'all always try to analyze absolutely everything and it makes it so interesting. I mean it's a easter sports where i'm always learning. I think anybody on these while everybody on this grid is actually learning. Every time they get into the car. It's so complex to extract one hundred percent of the car that you you learn something every time you get in it so it's It's very interesting. We're gonna come onto some races in them in it but before we do that you've developed a few interests since she lost came on the podcast and i wanna talk to you about some of them piano for example. I've seen. I know i was looking at your instagram. And there's some fingers playing the piano. How do i know they use get question. Tell me about your draining. Bring beyond noah the next race struck and hopefully show you that it's actually me. That's a that. Plays it. But i i enjoyed.

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