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Geo Benita on Martin Luther king day president trump making a surprise visit in the past hour to the MLK memorial in Washington with vice president pence waving to the crowd you're listening to ABC news stay connected stay informed como mid day good afternoon come when it was time to to on Taylor fansites our top stories from the commode twenty four seven new center police on the east side are investigating a body discovered in Bellevue this morning we received a phone call that someone had found a body on the coal creek trail on the west side of coal creek parkway that's Megan black with bell B. P. D. U. says the woman's body was found just after nine thirty but it's too early to tell exactly what happened at this point we do not believe that there is any further risk to the public black says there are no obvious signs of trauma investigators are contacting next of kin and conducting interviews how to pay for a new public safety building in P. wallop will voters will get to weigh in on that later this year the need for upgrades is easy to see says deputy police chief Dave macdonald to spend some time showing the Tacoma news Tribune around the current facility in this room here was originally just a storage closet but we're just out of space so we had to turn it into a corner master system for storage and several people working here now McDonald's is the current building is too small and there were a number of maintenance challenges as well a new public safety building and sell the would be paid for through a three hundred fifty thousand dollar bond which if approved by voters would cost the average home there about twenty Bucks per month hello Neil komo news one of the primary roads the drivers used to get to joint base Lewis McChord in Madigan army Medical Center has been shut down Kohl's least all reports that the closure of Berkeley street near I five in Lakewood he is just one part of a larger project using the next two weeks to rebuild the road surface once that is done we still have two more phases to get through the old Berkeley street overpass is going to be closed so the new over past can't connect to the mat again gate it will all then re open but the Berkeley street exit northbound Hwy five is gonna be close for about two weeks to wrap everything up despite the weather delay from last week it looks like the project is still on schedule with the new over past only opening up by the end of February it's call mostly stolen coming up on como after we check traffic and weather protections for immigrants regardless of legal status I'm poor when he quit the proposed new law says mall walkers are okay small dogs I'm Brian Kelberg with the shopping center that's done an about face when it comes to find out first if you will for our como traffic here's marina rock injure but we do have in Tacoma northbound I. five fifty six to come a mobile over the right lane is now blocked with a collision it's definitely causing a slow down from seventy second on up to that scene southbound I. five is slow right near east McKinley wine southbound four of five also starting to see it get sluggish making your approach to the south center area out your next couple traffic at two fourteen weather for today from meteorologist Kristen Clark this week will be warmer but certainly not dryer lowland rain mountain snow the name of the game the next few days looking at maybe a passing light rain shower this afternoon steadier rain moves in overnight could be a fairly wet Tuesday morning commute.

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