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Do not have. It of magic tuned to know, the only I guess I could point to is just just blatant stubbornness. Maybe. Right. So our way or the highway we're gonna do it. How we do what we have done has worked for ten wins. And we've got Laura's number, and we can do it again. And we're going to continue to do it. And we're going to you know, worry, but Florida had other plans, they didn't you're not gonna believe us. You are not going to believe as you Buddhist. Pretty good for the better part of these last four years. You are not gonna believe this time. You better have a different plan or is going to get bad. They got bad. Yes. Yeah. And I just I just don't understand getting Chris Evans the ball one time in the receiving game. I don't understand going an entire quarter without throwing the ball at Niko Collins. I don't understand Zach gentry bouncing back. Having a good catch over the middle early on in the game shows off his hands Zack gentry getting one more targeted the rest of the game. Nick Eubanks getting one target total an entire game. Like, how do these things happen? Mike. Oh, I don't know. How does it help you? I don't know. Like, I know I have an answer for a lot of different things. But this is ridiculous. I have no idea. How this is even an option. Right. We talked about on the show when I was co hosting right? We talked about how I thought not only I wanted to see the that we as a fan base as people former players we have to see the offense the way we need to see the offense. And it wasn't even close. So I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I'll give Zach because you were there at the game Utah to the players you talk to the coaches afterwards. What was their explanation like was there? What were they were? They look at it and say, hey, we didn't execute today. I mean was there any part of them? It's like, you know, what maybe the game plan wasn't as good as we thought. It was going to be. So I think say was actually an he added more scheme toward neck. Year. But he kind of had some telling quotes, I think I wasn't there for Tariq. He is in the locker room, and apparently he kind of echoed this that you know, in the post Hague's in era. You're going to have to take some chances. It can't be a conservative offense because you've got guys like Niko Collins with this amazing catch radius. You've got someone like down to people's Jones who I mean straight up, you know, can you name five players that are more high potential playmakers in the big ten next year. No. Yeah. So it's it's you know. No. It's just one of those things he has got to get the ball. You know, twenty times a game. Probably you know, maybe we talked about that's kinda high. But if as you said sometimes some of these passes, if they're high efficiency, a run run play, you know, and so. Schaffhausen asked about the offense next year. He he basically listed the three receivers said get them in space. He was like oh. And then, you know, Chris Evans and Christian Turner again not as of right now, they're not belco running backs. They're they're more of your kind kind of dynamic types. I think it's the word that people use. So get them in space spread it out as far as I do think. There was something to be said. I know we talked to Ben Mason. He was kind of beating himself up for those two fullback runs that didn't work, and as you said that kind of didn't necessarily and the game. But it definitely changed the tone. 'cause I think Florida was completely on their heels at that point. So there was a little bit. And I think the offensive lineman had similar thoughts to say like, you know, push a little bit more on third and one run. And maybe maybe then you can open it up because the defense is is on the field longer. But it's the same stuff all had the same exact reaction in conversation last year the outback bowl. It's like, oh, we get to see what this offense can look like with a few extra weeks of preparation. Look the same. Well, fairness in all fairness, I think people were excited. About it. Because Brian Peters was coming back for the outback bowl and in two and a half quarters looked okay. And then the wheels came off. But it's just one of those things it's like in four years we have seen roughly the exact it'll change based on personnel and quarterback, but it's been roughly the exact same game plan. And I think I do wonder if you know Jim is looking at that Michigan Ohio state game thinking, maybe if we'd run it down the middle. Instead of you know, the incompletion or the interception. Team a better chance of winning. It's just it's just a philosophy thing. I think isn't going to change in in two weeks. I think it has to be tire off season. And I think to embarrassing losses. It has to be that. And if it's not that I don't know when it's gonna change which comes back to Devon. Okay. So they've just had to embarrassing losses. The the game planning was stubborn as you said yourself so give I mean does it change. Does it change in the off season? Do we see I mean, shape Patterson mentioned it, but you know, Jim Harbaugh really didn't say anything. Do we see a change today? And we've been talking about getting offensive coordinator, they've got an open position at wide receiver. Now, they might they did elevate the offense analysts, but they haven't officially named him pants and could move on. Like, you tell me as a fan here. How much optimism do you have things are going to change going forward? Well, we just better hope that that guy that just came from Georgia does not become eligible right away at Ohio State asking Lee Ed Haskins lease, and we gotta hope Haskins leads right? If we're going to stay the same way because we're going to beat everybody else. Right. The way we play is good enough to beat everybody else. Right. And we don't know what. Penn State has at quarterback right where they have some explosive got it comes out of nowhere. We don't know. I mean, they they had to play McSorley and a broken foot. So don't so we don't know yet. We don't know. But for the most part, we're going to be able to beat everybody right because everybody either they don't have the athletes their quarterback is an explosive enough or like, Wisconsin, they play the same exact bald we play and we're better at it. Right. But when we get to that game right in the Middle, East games all day games. Always going to be tough. Right. And we also have to play Notre Dame. Right. So now run into season we're going to beat everybody. Michigan state is going to be a toss up. We're probably gonna lose Notre Dame and have state if we stay the same. We can't do it gets that guy from. I mean, he he's allowed to play. I mean, I think he's probably one of the best quarterbacks in the country. Anything he only he didn't even really start for for joy last year. I think he's amazing. Right. And so has got to be tough. We are reminded leasing. And this guy comes right in. It's just like we won't have a chance to do anything unless we in a Rutgers game or Indiana game. We work on our game. Right. We have to work on the things that we aren't quite as good at. And that we haven't maybe not quite as good. But haven't proven to be good at right? Can we see four receivers quite can we not see two tiny as every single time? Right. All right. Can we see four bar seven great receivers on a food at the same time? Right. Can we run a go? And then maybe a hitch to get more quickly and in maybe run a deity. And then maybe to that. Right. Can we see maybe three passes in a row at some point during the season? And not when we are about to lose the game. Right. There's nothing wrong with throwing the ball three times in a row in. There's also nothing wrong. Run the ball three thousand row, but not when you continue to run the ball to no avail, and it's just not it's not working for you. You're interesting. I just can't understand how we can continue to play this way. If because what I say, I mean, I'm not a psychic or anything. But it's true Ohio State is going to be good next year. And if we don't have somebody that can make plays the quarterback position, which maybe I think we do after we have three guys they can. And if they're not used properly with the weapons that we had better, essentially, if we don't change they're going to be wasted three receivers that I think are probably some of the best. He was in ethnic is kind of. Well, we saw at LSU, right? Whereas although Beckham and Jarvis Landry and they want to run the ball the first and second down every single play. What what are you doing? Right. It's it's disappointing is very disappointing. Like, I will give anything to go and play with these three receivers. And not only these are there. They had like three or four others that are very very good. If they were to ever get tired. We'll be perfectly fine. I will give everything that I have except for my fiance. Tinkers on. I don't know if she, you know, she, you know, she chews up seven times or whatever. But I will give anything except for that one and a half things to play with these receivers. And we're just wasting them in nature. They're leaving their way too. Good. No reason for them to come back because we're not getting the ball anyway. And everybody's saying that when we're targeting we make plates every single time with limited opportunity, and that's going to be some NFL sees, and that's gonna be something that they relish an opportunity. Like, hey, these are going to be steals. Aren't we come back we'll finish up with Devin garner? We'll have our staff pick for tonight's game talk a little bit about the Michigan defense in the peach bowl. He's on fire right now. Folks, you want to keep listening? Oh, no. Hi, it's.

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