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I heard you and see what we like kathleen kennedy because want to try and how long would show with we laker well she savvy here make it a han solo movie and they fire two guys and then put in iron hours pratt was gonna play hansol now notes i wish there was just after the cold open to guardians of the galaxy wanna raise like you should be on sled rather have implants sold and guards galaxy peadon can jurassic park joe no one cares whereas moody news did make shit your best guardedly billions of dollars in arrested perk world printed muttahida but dress the corporate world was outstanding in germs what he's into movies is he in stars was them stores guy wants stores to be the big thing we're where are we going for the next star wars movie jj abrams is battery they're gonna wrap it up like story weiser's newtown what there's new hot but there's no telling what's going to happen in absolute episodes seven eight nine are about the first order with with john offer sick by tile told me a thing was a sock montes professional shows so absolute seventy nine are all about the first order and the resistance fighting there the new good guys and bad guys with the newly higher and yet they're in that was one of the biggest nazi war sagan's is that it was basically a rehash of yes oh yes whether or not episode eta's rehash of empire strikes back i think we'll be totally it'll can't do that it will be much jarque neidl have that like dark moment to it the actual it'll will have a downbeat it'll it'll end on a downhill to other stuck with the characters that we care about luke skywalker obviously sure fouryear vets gray and just kind of care about her would raise raise respiratory she was alright racial dispute been was great it will sutphin ballard we've ever on him really re in dollar so you a comeback and absurd that trooper honestly i'm really rooting for finn and and po'd to hook up yeah i think and i'm not alone there's a whole new nine officially but there's a whole like shivers thing now right yeah there's a whole exchange it being gay itself they haven't gay guy star wars the diversity.

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