Zona Mexico Border, President Trump, Vice President discussed on Arizona's Morning News


The feds say the number of families crossing the border into the US has reached a record high KTAR's, Martha our takes a look at the Arizona, Mexico border, the US customs and border protection agency says it apprehended more than thirty six thousand families in February of those nearly fifty five hundred came through the Yuma. In Tucson sector's chief Brian Hastings with border patrol today. Seventy percent of all those were arresting or from the northern triangle, water Malla, El Salvador, Honduras statistics also show, so far this fiscal year since October more than twenty two thousand family units were apprehended at the Zona Mexico border. Martha our KTAR news. There's a big hearing about the border wall today on Capitol Hill homeland security secretary Nielsen we'll have to explain why her own agencies facts about border security don't match the president's reasons for declaring a border emergency department, saying the vast majority of drugs come through ports of entry the president suggesting he needs a border wall for drug. That come in. Elsewhere Nielsen must also testify under oath of the president. Or her own agency is telling the truth about the number of illegal border crossing. That's ABC's Andy Field. Vice president Pence used his speech to the national association of manufacturers in Phoenix yesterday to push for the border wall. He urged attendees to tell their senators to support President Trump's national emergency declaration every day. We don't secure our border. We allow the crisis to worsen more lives to be endangered on both sides of the border more drugs to flow into our country and more harm to come to American jobs and American workers while here in the valley, the vice president also met with governor Doug Ducey and visited a DA facility. Uber is not criminally responsible for the crash.

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