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Good morning. I'm no one Lleyton mayor de Blasios upset with the NYPD over a flag football game. Earlier this month. Cops moved more than thirty cars from west two hundred and eighteenth street, so officers could park for an F Y PD flag football that can't happen again that was wrong. Commissioner O'neil knows I feel strongly on this matter, and that's not something we can see happen again because it undermines the faith. We're trying build between police and community. Police Commissioner Jimmy Neil defending the move saying special events happen all the time in the city a massive fire burning in Glen cove this morning at one point there were giant waves of fire and huge plumes of smoke billowing up. From a large warehouse, apparently propane tanks were exploding inside. This is a plumbing supply company on Morris avenue in Glen cove, blaze breaking out around ten last night. Fire chief Robert Marino. Watch pharma fought volume of fire. It sits difficult extinguish a number of different fire departments, including the Afghan y helping out no reported injuries. I'm Scott Pringle for seven. Ten o. New Jersey has a deal to legalize recreational pot. The final details have to be worked out, but leader still need to convince enough lawmakers to vote for house speaker Nancy Pelosi says she's not trying to remove President Trump from office for the first time speaker of the house flatly declared she is again. Impeaching President Trump telling the Washington Post, I'm not for impeachment unless there's something so compelling an overwhelming and bipartisan, I don't think we should go down that path because it divides the country, and he's just not worth it. Let's correspondent Jonathan Karl. And he'll join when Berman and Michael Riedel in about an hour from now, and the Brooklyn DA facing criticism that he's getting soft on crime solace called his new crime plan Justice twenty twenty and attempt to move beyond the narrative that incarcerating someone promote safety he told reporters sending a criminal to jail isn't always what victims one adding they wanna make sure they're safe and the criminal gets help his new plan promotes considering non jail resolution than a shift toward community-based responses to crime Alice Stockton, Rosie needs seven ten w w award news time,.

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