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Sponsored by Comcast business. Somebody else. The traffic time 5 19 sky copter up into over Georgia 400. The delay is approaching 8 12 year being far the parkway the crowd headed up to coming Once you get to 1 41, you'll see some relief. We just saw what appeared to be a procession of Alpharetta Fire units and police units along old noted Parkway Roman eastbound east of Georgia. 400 mind your Speed in those intersections as you approach that procession that's heading away from Georgia 400 in the work zone. You're slow flight from Dortmund Security. Five crashed 35 westbound that was in lane two past exit 23 new door side power is very on the shoulder pretty typical delays out of the cabin to Gwinnett County along the 85 85 quarter, especially at the 95 that's crowded, leaving old Beech Street. My field colleagues. Area traffic centre brake lights in Cobb County, 75 more bound, starting in Marietta South Marietta Parkway. You're going to stay on And all those brake lights up the highway 92 exit to 77 Acworth 5 75 northbound jams in leaving. I 75 delays Continue up the highway. 92 exits seven in Woodstock triple team traffic 95.5 WSB. We have to do it every day, and it can be dreadful Driving in Atlanta. That's why Atlantis number one traffic team at 95.5. WSB gives you customized traffic alerts or your specific commute with a triple team. Traffic alerts. Half open the app before you drive, and it needs you audio alerts. If the road you're on has a major incident ahead. It'll save you time and take the dread out of your commute. Triple team traffic alerts download it now from the APP store, or Google play, sponsored by Cool race, lifetime parts and labor warranty. Health and relaxation, stress relief care for your body and mind. These are all great reasons to have spa experience as part of your regular lifestyle. And with the hot spring saltwater hot tub from the Georgia spot company, you can get that therapeutic spa experience without having to leave home. When you step into an at home hot tub. We promise you're going to feel spectacular. After all. Spies are middle name. Let us help you bring relaxation home Visit Georgia spot company at one of our six showroom locations or on the Web at Georgia spa company dot com. Bring in relaxation George Company. It's time to put on your party hat at Harris Cherokee Casino Resort in Harris, Cherokee Valley River Casino and Hotel from the thrilling yet intimate experience of Harris Cherokee Valley River Casino.

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