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Spanning coast on flyover nation the show our special independence day bumper traps and i will post our list we don't we're going to post it all posted all that i'll put it up on the five i mean i think because it's america we can put this in the podcast came and rich and might come and fighting in dallas confining you know what put it in there it's fair use the song is news because we're celebrating american independence i'm gonna do you like that one video on youtube of the whole series how to basic like he does with the fish people who are like not familiar with that have no i'm so sorry anyway so we got some really good stuff today i also have a just an epic crapton of headlines let's kick it five oh yeah okay stop feeding wild horses junkfood says the charlotte observer because north carolina has famous wild horses and people keep feeding them like being dons and stuff okay well i mean they say they can't eat any food that not run their natural habitat of beach grasses but people have been feeding like fruit and all kinds of stuff and carrots and they're like seriously apples and carrots can kill white hort wild horses stop it i was kind of joking with the ding dong but you never know they said that they've they've they actually have lost horses as a result of this staff you know and also like if you see fawns quit picking him up you know the the mama dear is not abandoned abandon them nbc poll six in ten americans one skoda's vote before midterms a majority of americans believe the republican led senate should vote on the president's supreme court nominee before the midterm elections completely notifying the argument from schumer and company that it should be delayed after fall elections oh my gosh thoughts and prayers thoughts and prayers moving on okay i don't know what happened here this this this ain't even florida this is montana a woman who was not wearing clothes on the upper half her body practical offense in great falls because she stole a bulldozer and went on a wild but slow ride through town it happened about eight am at the top of apartments at the best western heritage in mali brock tolman apartment resident was woken up she said that there was a woman driving an excavator would know cert on she said we look out there and we scream at her get her get some closed which you could also say maybe stop driving a bulldozer but get some closest good tale many witnesses said it was quite the morning they she ran into a house and just went running off into everything she ran over a fence damage a car ran into an apartment complex before she was finally stopped and detained by police you can't make this stuff up and why would you try oh my goodness so here's one that's good i've been waiting to share the seattle becomes the first major us city to ban draws but hey totally drop your drug needles your drug drug needles are totally fine you know your drug needles your trash your fees anything else that you wanna leave totally fine but then straws though no no no no no they disguise because you could poke your eye out yeah meanwhile twenty pounds of human waste was dropped on his san francisco street corner at least it's not a straw that's really actually true that legit did happen that happened just a couple of days ago it was on it was fan francisco's tenderloin district i guess it was a result of meat sweats i don't know but they said they sent the bag of feces to public works or you could dispose of it i don't know twenty pounds of feces twenty pounds of feces that's just really horribly gross and some millionaire buried a bunch of money everyone's trying to find it says the guardian treasure hunters on a deadly quest for an eccentric two million dollars bounty somewhere new mexico probably not there stay with us more the tena show after this caltech is coming out with new innovations all the time in it's one of the reasons i own and.

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