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From NPR news I'm korva Coleman the Coleman nineteen death toll in the U. S. is getting closer to one hundred thousand people a new analysis finds that if social distancing had been implemented a week earlier than it was in mid March nearly thirty six thousand lives may have been saved and peers to read Eisenman says the study was done by researchers at Columbia University they found that from March fifteenth on the rate really slowed due to people beginning to social distance in a big way voluntarily or due to stay at home rules so then they calculated what if that behavior had kicked in a week earlier on March eighth they found a week makes a huge difference we would have had fifty five percent fewer deaths through may third and beers Marie Osmond reporting president trump traveled to Michigan today to tour a Ford Motor Company plant that has been producing ventilators Quinn Klinefelter of member station WDET reports the visit comes as the president engages in a war of words with Michigan's governor the trip to the Ford factory in Ypsilanti is designed to highlight the trump administration's successful efforts to increase the supply of ventilators the president will also meet with leaders from the black community which has been hit especially hard by the coronavirus the trump campaign counts Michigan as a key political battlegrounds and the president has repeatedly sparred with suddenly high profile democratic governor Gretchen Whitmer trump's bashed Whitmer's restrictive stay at home policies tweeting that she should have freed Michigan the president's visit to the Ford factory actually violates the governor's executive order prohibiting tours of manufacturing facilities to limit the spread of the corona virus for NPR news I'm Quinn Klinefelter in Detroit trump's visit also comes as central Michigan deals with a flood emergency two dams near the city of Midland have failed in a dating parts of it with floodwater some ten thousand people have been evacuated about one hundred thirty miles north of Detroit Florida governor Ronda Sant as is defending the firing of the state's top data scientists who was tracking the coronavirus and peers Greg Allen reports Rebecca Jones says she was ousted for refusing to manipulate data about the state's re opening when first asked about Rebecca Jones's dismissal this week governor dissatisfied it was a non issue but she was tired and needed a break asked about it again in Orlando where he was visiting a nursing home with vice president Mike pence the governor attacked Jones's character as well as our conduct and overseeing the state's highly praised covert nineteen data portal she is not doubt the chief architect.

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