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News, 5 53. We have temperatures that are in the teens and twenties will see 40 for the high in many areas today as the sun comes out later, but it is going to remain cold as we move through the weekend and And he's going to have more on that coming up in just a couple of minutes. One down, But one more to go winning ticket for the $730 million Powerball jackpot was sold just one in Maryland. Nobody's come forward. Yet. Mega millions jackpot is still growing now close to $1 billion. The public health epidemic before the pandemic was the rise of opioid related death. Some state lawmakers want to require death certificates toe list if the information is available, the name of the drug responsible The O D death on a death certificate. Overdose deaths are still a public health crisis sell him an herb Conaway says. In addition to the prospect of closure for families, the change could help policymakers better understand the problem, sir use for important epidemiologic purposes and should, if utilize, correctly help to direct government, another resources to tackling Causes of death speaking opioid deaths has started in late 2019 and continue through the early months of the pandemic has reversed their actually fewer deaths between March and November of 2020, then the same nine month period a year earlier at the State House, Michael Simon's New Jersey one of 1.5 news I'm a New jersey's first news, 5 55. Jersey high schoolers went on longer have to decide whether to take the S A. T s a as a second part of the time test As of this summer, the college board says cutting the optional as a T s A is aimed at reducing demands on students for students who are either gifted writers because they had certain experiences or they've had the kind of coaching that allows them to develop over time. It's gonna be a list. Ronald Shall we, Son, executive director of the Newark Trust for Education, says of the move to also end s 80 subject tests they've already become. Redundant. A student take a peer ivy courses, which better reflect their progress in a subject over a longer period of time. Aaron Vote New Jersey when a 1.5 to use Somebody..

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