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County reporting 1489 new cases today. The daily case number has been below 2000 now for six of the last seven days. But the county also reported 69 new deaths from covert 19, bringing that total of more than 2500 since depend epic began. County supervisors chair Nathan Fletcher says there is good news about the vaccinations. We had said in initial goal we felt was aggressive at the time. We said in January we wanted to administer 250,000 vaccines. I can share with you that today we have administered more than 269,000 vaccine, Fletcher says. The new vaccination superstation to Cal State said Marco's will start taking appointments on Saturday and then opens on Sunday. He says the superstation side of the East County is expected to open next week. Coronado Man is in federal court today. He faced charges in connection with the capital Riot January 6 33 year old Geoffrey Alexander Smith arrested by the FBI this week, the FBI says Smith is charged with violent, entering and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds and entering a restricted federal building. In Washington, the chief of the U. S. Capitol police today is calling for permanent fencing around the Capitol building. The acting chief of U. S. Capitol. Police. Yoga Nonda. Pittman says vast improvements are needed to physical security, including permanent fencing and available ready backup forces. In close proximity to the Capitol. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is appointed retired general Russel Honore to review security infrastructure, including command and control following the January 6th breach. Previous law enforcement and security officials have also recommended enhance security, but Congress is rejected permanent fencing. Temporary fencing has been up around the capital since before the inauguration. This Jared help it on Capitol Hill, Facebook get slapped by its own oversight board. Kristen Goodwin has the story. Facebook's independent oversight Board overturns four out of five content moderation decisions made by the Social network ruling to reinstate posts, including those cited for violating hate speech rules. Harmful covert 19 misinformation and a breast cancer awareness post removed for nudity reps of holding Facebook's decision to pull a Russian language post with an ethnic slur 1/6 case thrown out because of a user's actions this the board's first set of rulings. It's also been tasked to decide whether to uphold Facebook's suspension of Former President Donald Trump. Facebook says the decisions by its oversight border final and binding award winning actress Cicely Tyson is dead. Her manager announcing this afternoon that she's died in L. A. She was 96 years old Cicely Tyson's memoir, Justus I am was released just a few days ago. Cos time 503. Let's check out the freeways now. Coco's real time traffic.

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