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Jeff bezos on monday bezos is handing the reins to someone else. He's also passing on a legacy of growth of innovation but also of controversy around a number of the company's business practices on today's show reporter dana mattioli who covers amazon for the wall. Street journal joins us to discuss the future of a post bezos amazon. That's after these headlines. The online brokerage robinhood unveiled paperwork for its highly anticipated initial public offering revealing surging user and revenue growth over the past year. The company said it had eighteen million funded accounts at the end of march more than doubled from a year ago and it reported first-quarter revenue of five hundred twenty two million dollars a more than four fold increase over the prior year. Robin hood plans to list on the nasdaq at an opportune time. This week on more money raised through. Ipo's than any other this year. According to deal logic a federal judge blocked parts of a new law in florida. That's intended to prevent social media. Companies like twitter and facebook along with news and other outlets from censoring political candidates. The judge said the lot likely violates the first amendment and conflicts with federal law among other things the law would find social media platforms if they banned political candidates in the state. Republicans have accused tech firms of bias against conservative us. Gop governor rhonda santa's said the law was protection against a quote silicon valley power grab on speech thought and content the industry group that challenged the law in court argued. It violated their right to make editorial judgments about content on their platforms. And richard branson is headed into space weather permitting. The founder of virgin galactic plans to board test space flight on july eleventh. That's nine days before rival company. Blue origin plans to send its founder. Jeff bezos to the edge of space speaking of bezos before he boards his spaceflight. He'll be handing over the reins of amazon after more than twenty five years. So what will a post bezos amazon. Look.

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