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That early second. Maybe someone who could pop up in the first round if someone likes him hard nose. Two hundred foot player. One of the things that stuck with me in reading about him is duke can be. Somebody's counted on. You know do his job. Every single shift. Is that someone who your. He's been looked at his one. That's one of the most. Nhl ready defensive forwards is. He's on his way to michigan which is obviously a stack. Team is an well-documented What in his game makes you so confident that he can make it to the next level i think he just. He's everything that you said is one hundred percent Like these he's good on the walls. He's good defensively. He plays while his own zone. Like you for instance you playoff games and obviously tampa's doing really well but the guys on the team like like kilborn palapa guys play in all situations that are good under walls. Play the game. The right way are good below the circles. When they're puck battles will block shots you know. Willingness to chipper puck out when the coming down but at the end of the game. Like those are dylan. Do call these. Are he asks in yes he he's he's out. He's probably the best player that i've seen at this age group in front of the net. I would say he scores majority of goals in front of the net like his second and third efforts around those areas are are second. It's interesting that you bring that up. Because one of the things that i wrote down here in preparation was only five of his forty nine points. This season came on Secondary assists so everything else was either him banging homer him setting someone up that to me is unheard of. Yeah no he's he's like especially when the game gets When it hard hockey like where. You're watching the playoffs like it. It's hard to get into those areas on defense minutes. It's hard to score goals at. He's around those hard areas. All the time never shies away from contact. He's he wins. His fifty fifty puck battles like these Everything that you said star parents that still do just reliable and he could play anywhere. You can play any anywhere. You referenced You know some of the stanley cup. Gay obviously were one game deep at the time of this recording but You mentioned you know his ability to get inside and get the defendant and that's obviously been a big trend at least among the announcers calling the games of you know tampa bay's ability to get inside Inside montreal but on the flip side one of the comparisons is. Maybe like brendan gallagher. Is that something you see. Yeah that was one of the guys. Like ballade gallagher was one of his comparable Say yeah that's a. That's a really comparable in pali plays. The game plays hard. He's in your face Is two hundred foot player and managed the guy. He's a miserable. You watch museum like he's like off like is on the ice again. Yeah pain in the ass so the next guy here if anyone in l. a. super fans might recognize naven eight hirschbeck five eleven defensemen eighty two guy somewhere in that second round from long beach junior king's alumni So maybe a little reunion here. They draft him but he's on his way to boston. College next year is a two way defensemen but it still has that offense of mine said you know what in his game. His made him so valuable for both the national development program. When he goes to boston college. I think he's Eight in his in elite level defender like his ability to close on guys. he's physical. He's got a good stick and he's he's he's mr reliable you know you can put them in. He's another guy like we. We talk about duke offensively. He's a guy you could put him any situation. He can go run your power play these probably the first guy out the door on totally joe and he will do anything for the team to win anything. He's a winner within his game. You talk about his ability to be in a league defender offensively. He someone that can you know. Take those steps forward to be someone that can play on the power play or or within an offensive contravention Consistently for both a college team and you know potentially that age shell. Nhl team one hundred percent either the Throughout the course of the year. Your power struggle sometimes are so little story behind that our our first union struggled leading score in a games aid in ran the second unit day scored nine games in a role in with him with him leading the the the second unit. I thought he did a fantastic job. Running running the power play acting. His grohl is ability to move blue liner blue line. His deception got a lot better in these two years that he was at the program like i think he goes to college and ends up being a guy who runs a power playing college. For sure. will we're going to go back to what seems to be a theme among american players at the national development program in an undersized but extremely skilled player jeremy wilmer five foot seven centerman hundred and forty pounds now. Obviously those numbers are. I think they're not a red flag by any means but they definitely want out to you but the thing is is he's actually one of the youngest players in the draft barely eligible a guy who's going somewhere in that you know projected late second early third But this guy's a game changers speedster someone who can create a what about you know. Woolmer's game makes him so intriguing. You know players Nhl organizations he has elite level hockey sets in his playmaking. Holly is extremely wall like any. He's a he's an undersized guide to but he gets inside on guys and he doesn't get you don't see germany in the lobby mclaren's because he's so shifty in creates that time in space for himself open up the passing way for to To find those passing lanes and some of the places you see and make He he has a chance to be a really really good college player description of not getting pinned against the wall. It reminds me of back when i is playing. Where you as a forward myself. We'd always get upset with the defense. Who couldn't you know. Take care of the ford on. The team is like just stop. And it's like well. He's too small to shifty. You just can't touch him. That would be something along. Yeah no i think. The adjustment to start was when he was in youth hockey in recent spinoff guys. He probably didn't have to move his feet. But once willie started moving His feet out of those cuts interns and creating even more that extra that extra Foot for firm south.

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