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Congress and campaign finance crimes opening statements in the trial of Nexium leader, Keith Rene area sent to begin tomorrow in a Brooklyn federal courtroom. Rene is accused of exploiting, branding and starving. Young women several of his defendants, including smallville actress Allison Mack have already entered guilty pleas WG y legal analyst Paul Harding of Martin Harding mazzetti was asked to for Neri who now stands alone could do the same at some point. I would say historically in the federal setting when you get this far and they've done with they've done it usually a trial state court. You know, anything goes Manera faces at least fifteen years in prison if convicted of sex trafficking Boeing is admitting that it knew that it seven thirty seven max planes had problems months before one crashed last October NBC aviation reporter, Tom Kaz. Delo has the details. Boeing now says at knew that a warning system that was supposed to be a standard feature was not working properly on all seven thirty seven maxes. It's not clear if that alert system would have prevented the crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia the alert was supposed to warn pilots when there was. A disagreement between two sensors that measured the angle of the plane. The company says it initially thought warning light for the sensors was standard on it's seven thirty seven max planes, but later found that it was only activated. If companies bought an optional indicator Clifton park DMV, wrapping up its expansion project will get more on that from Alicia Daniels. The Clifton park DMV will be open during regular hours through the final phase of construction which is expected to last for weeks. There will be intermittent interruptions of camera operations while new cameras are being installed the project which started in January will add three transaction windows. Two will be fast-lane's for quick transactions. Like, registration renewals plate surrenders, a more comfortable, and spacious lobby and new entrance or also part of the design which adds thirteen hundred square feet Alicia Daniels. Newsradio eight ten and one or three one W G Y. Maybe boy Sussex's arrived. The announcement being delivered this morning from Prince Harry who says Royal watchers, we'll have. To wait a bit to hear the boy's name on. On the baby's a little bit. So we've had a little bit time to think about it. But some. Yeah, that's that's the next bit. But for us. I think we'll be seeing you guys in probably two days time as planned as a family to be able to show you guys.

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