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Should be coming in here. Any time they're gonna assess whether or not it's safe to go out to engage right now. Crews have zero containment of that fire, No word on any structure, damage or injuries. Hundreds of homes air still evacuated Now The fire has been fueled by hot, dry conditions around the region, Fox 30 one's Jessica label says. We're going to get a little break from that today. Tuesday's afternoon high will reach 82 was the A 40% chance of scattered afternoon and evening storms. Storms could turn severe south and east of Denver across Colorado's eastern plane. We're going to meet back up in Denver and wrap up the week with temperatures back into the nineties. We had to Douglas County, where commissioners their tried taking up the issue of potentially leaving the Tri County Health Department. Kaylie News radio check Clark Joining us live at the detail. Marty it started last week, Tri County Health Departments Board of Health voted order a mask requirement across Adam's Douglas and wrap Oh counties but offered municipalities within those boundaries. The ability to opt out well, it's just what Douglas County did, and A bit further decided to leave. Try county altogether and go out on their own. Commissioner, Lord Thomas seems to think the time is right. You know what Try county was formed in 1965 the population of Douglas County was 5000 were now 370,000 or an adult now and it's time we just have our own Health department. Suicides have been at odds before during the pandemic. There's lots of things that go into the decision, the county would be responsible for turning costs, location, funding and everything else associated with creating a health department. Step. One in that process is today when the board of commissioners Hold a meeting. At 1 30 The county will have a town hall at 4 30 tomorrow. Chuck Clark a way news radio on three dozen states have seen increases in covert 19 infections after loosening their health and safety restrictions in order to reopen their economies. Yesterday, California Governor Gavin Newsom ordered most indoor operations to be closed across the state over shockingly rising numbers, Restaurants, winery's tasting rooms, movie theaters, family entertainment centers. Zoos and museums, card rooms and the shuttering of all bars. This is in every county in the state of California. Other parts of the country, including Colorado, Kentucky, Montana, North Dakota and the District of Columbia, have also risen sharply over the past week. Oregon is banning indoor gatherings of more than 10 people, while Tennessee, Washington State and Kansas are all hitting record breaking numbers for their states. Mike Bauer, NBC News radio at the White House, president Trump is again defending his demand to put kids back in the classroom in the false Mr Schools should be opened and the kids want to go to school. You're losing a lot of lives by keeping things close. The president says some cities were playing politics by keeping their schools closed. He thinks that some leaders are trying to sway the upcoming election with the move. Just yesterday, the two largest district's in California, announced they would be on Lee holding online learning this fall. Denver public schools appears to be on track to start in person learning next month after one school board member raise public health concerns. It's back to school this August for students, a Denver public schools, But at least one school board member, saying that shouldn't happen at least until October. Right now, the worst case scenario is that We're not able to control this and then we have outbreaks happen around the city and county of Denver. It appears the Denver public School District is aware of Anderson's concerns and said in a statement. We're deeply grateful for Director Anderson's advocacy and ensuring students and staff are protected. The current health crisis continues to evolve, and we are poised to act swiftly with changing circumstances and to continue the conversation we spoke with the medical director of infection Prevention at UC Health University of Colorado Hospital certainly does not appear that Children are the primary source of transmission. Dr. Baron says research shows covert transmission happens mostly among adults She underscored. Schools are different from other environments that are less controlled like bars. For example, those boundaries aren't specified. You're not sitting in discrete areas, Dr. Burns says. Local school district appear to be doing all the right things with the information they have about us. Fox 30 one's Erica Gonzalez reporting the pandemic also hitting Americans hard when it comes to their healthcare. A new report from families Yusa It was more than five million people have so far lost their coverage because of pandemic related layoffs, the nonpartisan consumer advocacy group says That figure is the most than any other year in history. An estimated 22 million people have lost their jobs in this country, a major Corona virus testing company says results are taking at least a week to get back to patients. Quest Diagnostics says the average time seven or more days for many patients The company explained. The demand is primarily due to the rapid spread of infections in several regions of the country, Quest, officials added. They are limited in how quickly capacity can be added and also said that this issue is is affecting not affecting just quest, but other laboratory industry or their industry as a whole. Billboard magazine changing its rules for its album and song charts. Change comes in an effort to rectify health sales are counted with respect album bundles with merchandise and concert tickets, as well as instant digital sales attached to purchases for physical albums. Under the new rules, all albums bundled with either merchandise or concert tickets. Must be promoted as an add on to those purchases in order to be counted on the charts. Also, sales of physical albums or singles that are bundled with digital downloads will no longer be reported as digital sales. Billboard has not yet announced when the new changes will be implemented. Chickamauga Hiss, NBC News radio and finally on the subject of music Room five, announcing new dates.

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