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J, John Cooley and topping Austin's news. Austin's mayor Steve Adler is non favor of repealing the city's panhandling and camping ordinances for homeless people and their says they won't solve anything and he says it frustrates him that it's even debate right now by we're we're spending so much time fighting over, and it says that don't seem to do the job is not what we ought to be fighting. This is the pain handling. Ordinances very difficult to enforce it even more difficult to prosecute instead Adler says the focus should be on the bigger picture, including finding permanent housing for those on the street and an executive level czar to act as a point, man for all issues related to homelessness, driving along, I thirty five to get a whole lot worse. Between run Bergen to ninety this evening, Texas, Diane Hodges says it'll be demolishing the Saint John's bridge and improvements to the roadway, this will mean a tight squeeze for the weekend, starting tonight at nine pm through Monday morning at five AM. We will be reducing traffic on I thirty five. Between Runberg and US to ninety two lanes and each direction. So says, if you could avoid that length of thirty five this weekend, you should another weekend lane reduction is scheduled for the end of June. They Austin round rock metro area is experiencing some growing pains, but it kind of is to rape. Perryman says aside from tight labor and housing market growth in Austin areas, tech sector professional business services and medical industries, will see the metros economic output performance near the top of a few lists will write very well. Now, don't even state, but also the entire country over the next five years. Dr paramount expects Austin to build up one hundred twenty thousand jobs and increase output by, at least thirty billion dollars. You're KLBJ radar. Our weather watch concent- some this afternoon with a shower or thunderstorm at times mainly late in the day in the evening, high Eighty-eight from the weather center. I'm Heather's air quality, eighty six and San Marcus. Get Austin news on demand at newsradiokkob, EJ dot com..

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