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Autry's Ace Hardware on Thompson Bridge Road in Gainesville. You're grilling headquarters and hometown hardware store. Let's check. The forecast brought you by the good folks at arteries. Hank's hardware to get those grills out today because the weather is going to be compliant for that. We're in a 53 as we check in with Wetherby, Sonny. For today, like Southwest Breeze High of 69 mostly clear 40 Tonight Sunny 69 for tomorrow from the Access Wdun Weather Center. I'm meteorologist Tom Wetherby 48 degrees and Buford already, let's take a look at what's going on this morning in Clarksville, You're starting your day at 40 to Gainesville Sunshine. And we're moving up as well. We're at 44 in North Georgia's News Talk w D U N Last check of sports before we head for morning. Talk with Martha right now, Let's check in with Caleb, a service of how our brothers out their power and hardware. Thanks, Bill. The SEC Men's basketball tournament starts today in Greensboro, North Carolina. There will be three games today, starting with Pittsburgh in Miami. At two o'clock. Georgia Tech will enter the tournament is the number four seed, they'll get an automatic berth into the quarterfinals. They'll play their first game on Thursday against an opponent that is yet to be determined. Brooklyn Nets have added to their star studded roster. Six time All Star forward Blake Griffin has signed a deal with the team. Griffin's been a free agent since agreeing to a buyout for the remainder of his contract with Detroit. Griffin will play a one year $5.9 million contract for the remainder of this season. And Kansas has fired head football coach Les Miles three days after he was placed on administrative leave amid accusations of inappropriate behavior towards female students while he was at l s U Miles, spent two years of Kansas going three and 18 overall, including an Owen nine record last year, you can find more sports online that access wdun want to say good morning to Robin Templeton standing by, Of course, Robin also known as the Insurance, Sir. Morning, Robin. Wouldn't want And how are you? I'm doing fantastic and open Enrollment does continue and we got we got two ways to do this and two categories of folks and you have been seeing a lot of folks who are taking care of some insurance and saving money on what they need so kind of unwrapped what we can do during this time. Absolutely so on the individual.

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