Britain, Ginger Baker, White House discussed on Face the Nation from CBS News


Sixty two degrees Sunday October six twenty nineteen a Mike Sugerman more than just the headlines this is WCBS newsradio eight moon CBS news on the hour real news real reporting hi I'm Gerry known two suspects are being sought now after a shooting spree early today at a bar in Kansas city Kansas four people were killed five others wounded KCTV TV reporter Kelly Taylor police say two men walk into a bar with handguns and they began shooting people were running outside of the club trying to get away there are no suspects at this time they don't have that information investigators say that the government apparently got into an argument inside the tequila Casey members only bar laughed then returned with hand guns and started shooting police are reviewing surveillance video interviewing some of the forty people inside at the time of the gunfire erupted a second whistleblower a person with first hand knowledge has spoken with the intelligence community's watchdog about president trump's dealings with Ukraine according to attorney mark Zaid who represents both people house intelligence committee member Jim Himes says this indicates problems in the trump White House people around the president professionals who are in the oval office who were in the situation room are watching what is happening in our finally saying my god this cannot happen anymore and they are coming forward Himes on CBS's face the nation Republican senator Lindsey Graham says on Twitter when it comes to more whistle blowers coming forward more does not mean better or reliable he had piercing eyes orange red hair and a temperance to match an influential iconic drummer ginger Baker has died in Britain he co founded the sixties rock band cream rock DJ can dash our calls Baker a musical genius he had a sound in his head and played it mostly on the Tom toms almost every drummer keeps the beat on the snare and the hi.

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