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Tennessee tech four forty six I guess paper really still quarterback a year after the the Sugar Bowl against Oklahoma of sales over the heads of moral or touch again maybe we start from twenty five yards I'm just amazed at this the way to solve it says run today get the gets suspended realty just has the best you get some numbers out there we have seen in a while out on the field defensively against the the front three right now those are for the loony McCall and but if it's terrible yet that JJ weaver and on the near side on the linebacker position on the other side to Jamie Davis or the inside is the phone back in there now for Vanderbilt is in the back of the pistol formation becoming right delivered so twenty five if they get the ball field sprints up to the right he throws complete and it goes for a first down at the thirty six line Jordan right makes the tackle cam Johnson twenty third cat two year first of the night just the second completion in seven attempts for the China around there by the start inside back outside the ten million on eleven yard pass completion to go to three and a half minutes to play in the third quarter Kentucky in control thirty eight to fourteen to white ads each wave on the right Riley deal one gets the call coming left trying to get outside of it run over the near side and he does it gets all the way up close to midfield can I speak for guys almost two twenty is see picks up speed coming around the near side and then they're gonna give it a forty eight yard line it's a twelve yard gain nice running back we knew there is no they're getting that he was a you know all conference yeah all purpose back pain even if the mental game a line up is that the back with the going at the center of the snap baby from its own forty eight site insect on the right side of the road straight ahead with Vaughn at the fifty right so son is back in right flag down the play them off site or he would be right so the good first five forty seven yard line the brown trying to pull off an upset today was with virgin team the state has rallied at home to go ahead now midway through the third twenty fourteen I was leading Minnesota twenty to six a little too much celebrating maybe for the golden gophers as for the big win over Penn state Ohio state leaves forty nine seven consulates forty five three first at five forty seven the door made of the roads running right he is it brick by Davis and thrown back right hit it first and then Davis grab him back after a gain of only a yard it'll be second for one night play there by Davis of the string yeah good straight six four two hundred twenty eight pound sophomore really high on him he's just trouble get on the field behind Daniel a nose but those three sophomore linebacker size again little more be fun yes two linebackers line up really why does mean he's got one tight end each way Neil is it the ball rolling off right tackle runs in this mark one the call stop about a yard short first down at the forty forty three Kentucky you know you mentioned you could put another well it's on square getting about the about the two thirty range boats about five more pounds two thirty five to forty look at video for three on third downs third one here at the Kentucky forty three again to a minute to play in the third quarter on balance line the left here for the common the guesses straight ahead of on it he gets the first down to the forty one yard line a in the third first down this drive the March going Davis wanted thirty eight fourteen next week the Wildcats are back at home conference play ends today the plague Tennessee mark next week Richard subdivision the store the forty one yard line spread it out this free white out the left one to the right all of this set back to the left the deal with all state transfer call for the football the over the place they were treating as at the crossing route the tide in the **** covered well by Davis the coverage is secondary had a little around in that crossing route between both of ten four Vanderbilt good under coverage by linebackers nice deep heel two out of seven two out of eight passing oops left wind up to the right or meal on second and ten of the Kentucky forty one eight seconds to play in the third quarter gift of all we've got to the right they can't break away from the tackle Branden Eckels who hangs on until help arrives and it's going to go to the Kentucky thirty nine yard line were to work up a third down and ate the time remember they got the one play from camp Johnson who is on the first pass other than that Kentucky's only given up thirteen yards to the quarterback of the football they had back to back trick plays in in around in the.

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