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Yeah and katy perry was just like an angel had giant win everything looks all these outfits look a little unmanageable completely relooked a meeting of super villains with life salesian of doom way too much like we didn't think about getting through door yeah we can't very well with this are all jaden smith showed up to the twenty eighteen met gala people were saying that he wasn't really dressed up for the fame and fact it was something a little weird or too because all night long jason was walking around not really dressed for the theme but also carrying this in this photograph that you will see coming up next there we go he was carrying his gold record with him everywhere he went throughout the entire function he brought it as date that was his date yes he was carrying a gold record everywhere he was he was showing off a gold record it's pretty of on guard is that french for asshole i'm on god yeah i mean well but look you got attention that's the idea right everyone's wearing katie periods put on the ridiculous outfit to have people be like look katy perry right to carry a fucking record yeah he got off light kanye west of course also has been in the news he he publicly declared his support for his dragon energy friend donald trump he suggests it will not suggest that he said the four hundred years of slavery for blacks was the choice choice some people had a problem with that but some people saying is possible he's doing this just because he has new music coming out and once again any publicity is good publicity is trying to get our attention well he did drop some new music last week it's a new song called lift yourself and i thank you know what all this controversy is worth the product because he's still genius i wanna play for you legitimately some of his new song lift yourself scoop scoop dd school di poop poop de scoop scoop de.

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