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Jas Jason Scott Jason yes fatally shot while driving I ninety four Greg on Detroit's west side that's Dominique Brown she It was a local rap artists she was. Killed, inside, your, own? Vehicle, that was a Chrysler, two hundred along, with fellow musician rahmael Campbell. Brown's cousin KYW. Hotch It really hurts, the theater Not be. Able to have a mother so if you know something we've come. Out, while seeking for answers mother Bertha Mathews is also, raising money for. Similar cases knowing my heart that's something my daughter were want. Because she was a giver. She was truly a giver crime stoppers has announced a. Twenty five hundred dollar reward in this, case, reporting, live from Southfield Jason Scott w. W j NewsRadio nine fifty and it's been two years since the mysterious shooting death of jogger on a. Rural road in Oakland County WW j Sandra McNeill has talked to. The mother of the victim two years on Nikki. Brugere is tortured by questions why would anybody shoot four foot nine ninety eight pound woman in the back four, times as, she's running away her daughter Alexandra brokers body was found on a front lawn on fish, lake road in rose township but who? Would kill her and why River says she needs to know nothing gonna bring her back but I mean. If it's someone she knew why if. It's random well that's really even scarier. Because it puts everybody else in this community you know state of. Fear, there's a thirteen thousand dollar reward for information and, the case the. Number to call is one eight hundred speak up Sandra McNeill. WW j. NewsRadio nine fifty. Course Michigan state police continue to investigate the murder of. Alexandra Brugere joining us live in the, studio, MSP, first Lieutenant Michael Shaw good afternoon Lieutenant you know we're used to watching stuff on TV or an hour of dateline and they've solved the. Crime this one seems especially random is this is this typical to. Just not really have any idea of what happened. Here I think sometimes we do look at? It and you know we try to get everything solved within their. Forty minute period and throw a couple commercials in there as well to kind of finish it off, and most crimes aren't solved like that Unless we actually catch the suspect that's on the. Scene for this one here it's it's very difficult just for the fact that it's. Not like in any type of city area where you have a lot of video cameras you have. Witnesses all over the. Place you have different things that you can look at to put. It, together this shooting happy in a very rural area happened jail when. She was, on a traditional, path that she had ran over and over again so she kind of made itself for a habit so to speak so you kind of look at is something. That could be somebody who was looking for her in new where she would be that's where the arguments started was it. Something that. Somebody, got in, a road rage incident with their maybe were mad that she was, running down the middle of. The road it starts you know finger-pointing, things like that and it gets carried away are was this random so we? We look at all those different aspects as long as some, of the tips that we have received and we've been pretty fortunate for such a rural area for where this crime occurred we did receive a. Lot of tips that is is taking Us in a direction and and it's always hard for. The family or it's always hard for for people to understand where the cases going because I'm not going to tip my hand you know I'm. Not gonna say well this is where. We are so far we're this close this far what we do know. Is that we still need tips we know there's people out there that have the tips that we need we just need them to give. It to us so does the investigation become increasingly difficult as each. Year goes by sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't it's really weird you can't really take a case and say this is. Cookie cutter that everyone fits. In after five years you'll never solve it because you know if we look out in California with the case out there the Golden State killer? Until technology, caught up, there, that case was what twenty years and all of a sudden boom? Everything starts, rolling along and I think that's the point that we're at with this particular cases we need somebody. To to come up there and tell us what they know and we know that. Person's out there persons are out there for some reason either They don't want to get involved which happens. Are they, information just doesn't mean, anything, to anyone and they're not gonna come. Up and want to feel. Stupid and that's what we always try to tell people. Is you tell us anything in more investigative we've investigated some weird tips. That have come out of here to make sure. That you know that we can kind of follow them all the? Way through because the biggest part of. It is we. We want to get this killer off the, street and we also want to bring the family into custody. So you said you have tips it's, been two years at what point is the case considered a, cold case so that's a TV show we'd like. To say that quite often there's detectives that are working on, this, investigation every day every. Tip that comes in every little lead that goes wherever it takes us. Every Facebook page everything that that goes along with it so there's really no such thing as a cold case there's. Always something that can be done with, it A lot of times they become cold cases and. Smaller departments and that's. Just because of a manpower issue as you go along you're working. On this case it kinda dead ends. On you a little bit and, then another? Case pops up? So you put your resources into that our detectives are working very diligently on this case and. They will continue to do to they retire and then another person steps up and takes their. Place or until it's solved I'd imagine sometimes reward help so just in the last few seconds people should call state police crime stoppers anything that anybody knows anything they could call anything always hate to, give out numbers because no whatever members miss tip you can go on the internet you can call crime. Stoppers your local police department will. Get it to us. You can call call the media we don't care who. You call as long as. It gets us and bury us that tip to to bring this killer to Justice and I. Think one thing and you did mention it and very quickly and people don't want to say, who they are so that hinders cases. And that's one of the reason that you can call. Crime stoppers you don't have to give your information If you call the eight five five Mitch tip line you don't have to give your information either you. Can just call us directly and and we'll keep that to ourselves all right thanks Lieutenant Sean for coming in and we. Certainly hope that there. Will be a resolution to this case soon of for the family. For you guys for everybody thank you W. w Jane news time to. Thirty eight Weather on and Tracy, mccaskill? I ninety four is a no go right we're still watching a big problem there. And this report sponsored by hotels dot com. This crash eastbound ninety four at. French road still a factor blocking all lanes again crews are still, trying to remove this overturn. Gravel Haller traffic slow. From I seventy five you can exit northbound vandyke take that. To eastbound Harper. And connect back to Connor and. Then rejoin I ninety four from that point also watching a crash northbound Lapeer road. Closed at silver bell road all lanes. Blocked we have backups to. Deaden road continuing they're still. Watching as well brake lights along north US Twenty-three after silver lake road slowdowns southbound US Twenty-three around..

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