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Commitment to sustainability. Yeah it's i mean it's definitely part of our dna But we also learned a long time ago. That there's there's more to have been here than the vines and that sustainability sustainability is also more than just about the environment and land. It's about the people. It's about progress and you know for us. It's about accountability. And if you look at just how we farm we farm. According to our values to nourish a resilient and healthy ecosystem that's from everything from preserving open space to creating healthy soils to monitoring water usage in trying to reduce that as much as possible. It's about you know responsible. Land stewardship in it's about safeguarding. The long jetty of that land not just for our own family business but also future generations in our community. And i think that we also know as a company that responsibility to care for the wellbeing of our people in our employees but also the communities in which we do business their vital to the long-term success of notches what we do but you know the people that we need to help. Run this business. We don't do it. It's not just one or two people. It's an entire group of people that we need to look after and then you know going back to accountability. I mean we really. We hold ourselves to very strict and exacting standards. And i said i always say while sustainability is not a new concept for feeling wind farm the made wines with that goal in mind since the beginning and that was really our founder. Just jackson's belief you know we're not we're not complacent in our approach. And he used to always say you know. Take care of the land in It'll take care of you and treat people like family and amazing things will happen. I think it's really important that people know this is not something new for us. It's it's something that our founder forty years ago believes so strongly in and the land has really always been the guy for jacksonville winds everywhere. We've gone in the world. It started with finding an amazing place to plant grapes and that where again it wasn't about. Oh i'd love to to make a wine here. But i've never been there. It was always you know going back even two recent acquisitions in south africa which i mentioned recently barbara banke. Who's justice on wife in who is the owner and chairman of the company now. She went to south africa and she saw this amazing place in stellenbosch. And she toward the Issues like this. She tasted wines from area. And she's like these are world class. Wanna be a part of this. This this is the place i feel like. We can really create an amazing wiring foundation in south africa. And i think it's really. It's really amazing. To work for a family that has had sustainability in mind from the beginning at the land. Always being that guide when it comes to moving into new places right now foundational values that are fundamental right to moving forward and absolutely he tells more how jesse jackson in. The family ended up in tuscany with tunisia. Dare chain on a little bit about the history of apparant. Yeah well it's kind of similar so same same same idea. They west there and there. Was this area that we are now in to do. That are gino. It's a very large area. I think we plant less than ten percent of it is actually planning to vine. It's in the heart of chianti classic. Oh it's about an hour outside of china in this very small town in may we knew. Mate don't classic. Oh from singer visit but we also with our winemaker. We also do righties so we actually planted a lotta On that property for low so we do our conham invalid. dorna an affonso which are all new. V face Plans as well and so that we came into that area in the early two thousand are even earlier than that. But it's been an amazing addition to the jackson portfolio. It's the only property we on elite. And it's always been that gem. And i look at when you think about our commitments. Just dean ability and you know those commitments ban all of our properties locally. But i think like in our chino particularly. It's really unique in each place. Each year in each community at each ecosystem is so unique. And you really have to respect that and what white working. California for example may not work in italy but you can still have the principles and you can still deploy them. They just might look a little different. I think that's always a party. Remember too is that you can't have that one-size-fits-all mentality when it comes to to land and firing land and then also cultivated import ecosystem and then also supporting a community all the communities are they all have different needs assets important knowledge yeah and adapting and working with your local teams to accomplish the same goals of perhaps using different methods or working with the practices they might be have been employed for no hundreds of years right. So can we find to new two zero china on your wieser dot com. Yes you can find it in other online retail spaces too but yes you can ask will find it on your wine store dot com so christine you mentioned delivery services earlier is being you know a key point of innovation in the last year. What else do you see coming next for the beverage alcohol industry in terms of commerce. Anything anything else on the horizon that you think we should be on the lookout for. I don't know if we need if. I think we should always be on the lookout for some new form of technology that is convenient for consumers getting something that they want in their hands quickly easily and seamlessly because that is the expectation. I think a lot of consumers have now and they should because we have we have that technology that has allowed that is of purchase and you know acquisition in getting that product in your hand that night to an extent with some of these opportunities. But i think the silver lining. And i think we're all looking for silver linings. The i think shines such a huge spotlight on the importance of wineries to take their digital strategy seriously invest in it and at least have a conversation about it and i say that for a few weeks and as a communications professional i think that as i mentioned earlier in this podcast consumers are finding out about wines discovering wines from so many different communications channels and while it may have just been from word of mouth and the wine the wine trade publication a score that via visit traditional way for consumers in a lot of consumer. Still find. Find information that way. They're buying through so many different channels. And i think that it's made public relations much more dynamic and intense career because you're having managing outreach to all those channels work with all those different the influencers the people in the trade that have a digital presence are taking their credentials to the next level and becoming these digital experts in wine just more people are accessing information from different ways. So i think that you have to understand what those communications channels are in. If they're digital relate making sure your voices. They're and also i. I remember shop if i put out their annual e-commerce report and the one thing that they said was kind of the overarching thing was the pandemic really left. An enduring mark on the consumer landscape in that years of change years of change happened in a week and weeks. And i.

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