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What happened? I had bad vibes about Rhaegar from the get go because he ran he ran like a four 5 that is combined under the pro day or something. Then he released this tape where he was like, look, I can run a four two four. It was like with his buddies in his backyard and then everyone took that as like Jalen rigor is four two four speed. I don't know, he was never a good receiver at TCU. He was a return man and a guy that caught bubble screens and made people miss. It was, it was a really interesting pick. I think how we really screwed that one up. Yeah, I don't know. I think it's just a pause, honestly. No, I mean, it's crazy how much I'm hearing Philly's gonna draft another receiver this show. You're gonna have to receive her in the first round three years in a row. I get your desperate and I get you need if a white side in the second round, three years ago, Reagan two years ago. Last year, another one this year, like, I mean, if you get crystal lavi or something like that, sure, that's amazing. But it's brutal. It's crazy. I mean, I actually really like Howie. I think he's mostly been really good, but it's just weird how some of these GMs just have these blind spots. Like Bill Belichick's the same way. Like, you just can't evaluate the receiver position. I wonder if that's what's happening with guda kunst. Is Gouda Kung's just like, I know I don't trust myself to draft a receiver. Like, that literally could be it. Yeah, I mean, it's definitely a blind spot. I'm not saying that's good. You don't really want to hear that about your GM, but maybe it's like a confidence thing where it's just like, I would rather get someone I know I can help our team or at least I think I can help my team. Yeah. Then screw it up, I guess? I have no idea. Like, Amari Cooper wasn't I'm Murray Rogers wasn't like a huge impact player last year..

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