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You think that the the fact that we're in the streets that we are concerned now about workers, and we have more whistleblowers. You heard about the nurse who Who just came forward about the history activities that were being done in an ice detention center. You know, more and more people are coming forward and are, um, undaunted in their their search for equality today. Now talk about that. Talk about the developments that you see. Now in culture, people rising up I think what I'm seeing and what I would urge others to become aware of. Is a massive and extremely important shit. In the consciousness or the culture, in other words, over the last 50 years, and of course, I'm exaggerating a bit to make the point over the last 50 years when people identified a problem. Whether it was racism or sexism or the degradation of our natural environment. Whatever it wass, they tended to Goto work on that particular problem. And to focus themselves on that particular problem, And they shied away from saying that it wasn't just this particular problem, but that the whole system Was the difficulty that had to be addressed. They shied away because that was a legacy of the Cold War. They were afraid of being called a disloyal or reds or whatever it wass and that Hubble the opportunity for the different movements toe work together, it hobbled the opportunity for people to be Connected to one another and want a change off the system that could and would address all of their concerns. They didn't have the unity without which the change we need tohave. Won't come, and I see that changing everywhere. When the black lives matter, hopes begin to talk about capitalism. That's a broadening A wonderful broadening off sharing and bringing a diverse people together. When you see folks understanding the link that the same government that is burning, literally burning up the West Coast is the same government that is abusing immigrants is the same government. It is UN prepared to protect the public health. You're beginning to see the linkages and when that happens, and when the people who are victims And critics ofthe system are able to say so and to be able to be welcomed in the movement for change, then you're beginning to get that assembling off people that makes a system actually be changed, and that's what we need, and it is a very heartening To see the movement in that direction. And in the last part of your book, you consider the possibilities for changing the system as a whole. So it's not all depressing. Not at all. I think I think I'm I'm optimistic. I think That? Yes, it's dark these days. I don't want to deny it. We have a government that is literally out of control that is in away some of the worst right wing. Mentality that we always knew was there but never expected to be in a position of power. Uh, I don't want to deny any of that. But it is having the effect of teaching And provoking masses of people into understanding and into action, and that's part of what is going on. There's a complicated linkage as the system falls apart as the middle of the political spectrum, whether it's the Bush family or the Clinton family, and all they represent As the people leave loyalty, that kind of politics that brought us to this mess. Yes, Some of them go to the extreme right. A growing number are going to the left. That's what Alexandria Okada or tens of represents what Bernie represented. There's more and more movement. No one thought these people would have the echo in the American population. They have shown that they have that's not going to go away. So, yes, I am optimistic and the book price identify what the signs are of a movement adequate. At this moment in a declining capitalist and by we're speaking with Professor Rick Wolf, author, most recently of the sickness in the system. Professor before we move on to W B. I listener calls to 092877. Can you talk a little bit about the distractions that were put forth by the government distractions that were Put in place just to serve as a cover for those who were really benefiting and getting relief. Um, such as that $600 a week that was being given to people who were who lost their jobs and then taken away and other other reforms and benefits that were given and then taken away while something else was going on underneath. Can you explain? Sure, the best way to explain about the unemployment is to say two things were going on number one. There was a terrible fear. In the ranks of the people who run this country. The CEOs the big corporations that the pandemic combined with the capitalist crash, the worst of the three. We've had this That started in February that there would be the decision by private employers. Faced with the pandemic, faced with the crash to lay off launch numbers of people, which they did more than 55 million Americans since the last week of March, have had to file for unemployment compensation. Now, some of them are backto work, but we still have tens of millions that are out of work. Let me drive home to the all of the listeners to this program. They were given an extra $600 because of the fear that putting that many people out of work and asking them this alive on the pittance that most unemployed people, yes. Would have been to create a massive backlash that threaten the whole system. That's another sign. Yes, right. You know it's another side. Here's a way to understand that in Germany, the unemployment went from 5% in March. 26%, which it is today in Germany, and by the way in France in Italy in other countries, they didn't dare throw millions of people out of work. And the reason they did in those capitalist countries is that they're working class. Is organized. They have strong unions. They have strong socialist communists and anti capitalist political parties. And if had dared to throw millions of people out of work, those millions of people would have gone into the streets in those countries and those countries would have come to a much sharper stop. And the pandemic had ever achieved for them. And so they didn't dare. And it's just a sign of what the work is that we have to do in America that in this country, they did care. They realized how dangerous the risk wass that they were taking. So what they did was give that $600 but terribly afraid that that money which is Driving the government into deep debt, given how much it is giving to corporations. It's borrowing like we've never seen before. In peace time, the government under Mr Trump the biggest efforts it's we've ever had by these so called Conservative Republicans. They're terribly afraid that as the debts of the government so up, and as we all understand that our taxes are simply paying the interest to the rich lent to the government that there's going to be trouble and they don't want that deficit to be big. They don't want the government to be oppressed by the people to go and get them to pay the taxes. Finally that they've never paid the rich and the corporations because of the debts, so they want to scale down the debts. And of course, they don't want to do that by depriving themselves of government support, so they want to cut 600 back to 300. It's an unspeakable abuse of the mass of people..

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