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Appreciate the call Daniel in Louisville Kentucky on the bench aggression before Daniel Hey Ben so question of course you know that Matt Bevin lost yesterday but the margins are super fan you off by right around five thousand so less than one percent there's article that came out McCurry journal today where the state legislature could come down and actually decide that boat if that were to happen we think that national implications for the Republicans would be just thrown into the state legislature and and the elections of being overturned it will not go like it did in Washington state when basically voter fraud alleged Democrats become governor I won't go like it was when al Franken became a senator over norm Coleman despite losing an election in Minnesota they they let's put this white the media are a lot more sanguine about Democrats stealing elections than they are about Republicans getting involved in closed run things yeah it's it would there be significant blow back then the nice thing about Kentucky which I just found out actually is that in Kentucky you can override a gubernatorial veto with a majority of the state legislature cell and then the new governor is gonna have some trouble ramming through anything remotely resembling a far left agenda it's also worthwhile noting with regard to the gubernatorial race that when Matt Bevin was not a popular figure in Kentucky the dues twenty points under water he was the second most unpopular governor in the state in in the country president trump came in and it helped rally him to in your victory and Republicans did really well down ballot in Kentucky so I'm not worried at Kentucky going blue I'm worried about some of the consequences of trump right across the country sort of alienating suburban voters but I don't think the Bevin is the bellwether I think in Kentucky down ballot is about whether in Devonshire shows what happens when you're on popular people.

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