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We have a crash on the one A one in Hollywood outside just be on Santa Monica boulevard. Looks like it's taking the second lane to the left adding to a pretty tough ride from Hollywood Boulevard is gonna stay pretty crowded to the ten Ravenna one pretty heavy from about four th on over to the one ten freeway then slow again, leaving thin ice boulevard over to white oak. Heavy delays on the four or five repents I leaving Inglewood from century. All the way to Nordhoff supper dizzy, right there at the one the one that's gonna break loose right around cherry. It looks like he's getting into Long Beach stretch an earlier crash in Anaheim ninety one eastbound side right before Raymond it looks like this one has been cleared from lanes drive is still pretty slow coming away from beach boulevard and also watch your heavy delays. If you're heading along the to fifteen southbound side coming out of Colton from the ten freeway that breaks loose rhetoric central avenue and riverside KFI in the sky helps get you there faster. I'm Jalen this hour of KFI is sponsored by sun locks for all of your solar and roofing needs more rain. The forecast is next. Save money on gas every time you puff. Again, if you drive you have to get gas right yet. Download the free upside in pay less for gas than everyone else. Say twenty five cents a gallon. Every time you fill up use promo code four bonus twenty cents a gallon up. So forty five cents a gallon on your I fill up the upside. That's promo code Bank, promo code Bank. Why are you still paying full price for gas? That's crazy yet. Download the upside app right now and save up to twenty five cents a gallon cashback every time you use promo code Bank for an extra twenty cents a gallon up so forty five cents a gallon cash. Back on your I fill up the free upside promo code bake. Got it good. The KFI financial report brought to you by Spectrum Business. The Dow closed down sixty three s and p five hundred up to NASDAQ up. Ten gold is thirteen seventeen announcing oil is fifty two barrel. Switch to Spectrum Business and get the best internet.

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