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From two to six on news radio one oh two nine k are in arkansas most new weather and traffic station news radio one oh two nine kelly a are nfl sheridan little rock about cumulus station station cbs new i'm hardly karns reaction is to the recount effort in three stage by the green party candidate gil stein with hillary clinton signing onto it republican national committee chair runs previous on fox theory we have the person but trading a fundraising scheme that his last by over one point three five million votes in wisconsin attending none do it twenty eight thousand vote lead it's never going to happen to go to waste of everybody's time on cnn's senator bernie sanders says recounts happen alive the green party has the legal right republicans of requested i think the governor of north carolina right now is thinking about doing the recal that's illegal right thank do it he also said the clinton campaign does not expect results to change the two names most often heard under consideration for secretary of state and then trump administration are rudolph julianna and met ronnie trump advisor kelly and conway says she is not in ronnie's corner out on the strums former campaign manager made it clear sunday that she does not think the nominee should be met romney people feel betrayed to think that governor ronnie's you went out of his way into question make characters in the intellect and the integrity of donald trump now are president elect would be given the most significant haven't opposed to moss secretary state former new york city mayor rudy julie on the has also been named as a front runner what he gillette for cbs news new york cuban is in the midst of nine days of official morning for for they'll castro dead at the age of ninety cbs's men well before kansas him how bennett for the most part it seems that most humans are going about their daily lives or definitely doing it and i'm much more subdued manner we're not hearing music on the street corners like he normally would on a weekend of course nation is preparing for more than a week along the event state sponsored memorials and gatherings in remembrance of fidel castro new orleans is a major.

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