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And welcome back in so excited. You are here today for the conclusion of our three part series on play. This is just an introduction to play because at playfully faithful parenting we will be talking about play throughout our time together right because it is so important for kids for adult for our faith for our lives in episode four. We talked all about the benefits of play and how play helps kids to develop in all of the major areas of development. Ooh last week's episode we talked about what is play. We looked at it from both a theoretical scholarly and academic perspective and also a biblical perspective. So if you did not listen to either of those. I highly suggest you go back. Learn about the benefits of play. What play is so that you can best take today's practical tips and Understand why we do what we do with play and in our face so today we're going to talk about some practical tips on how to incorporate. Play into your family's faith and faith into your family's play. I think it is so beneficial beneficial to our kids when we know how to both ad faith to our play and play to our faith. Both of those are important because we want to be able to follow what our kids are interested in and what they are already doing and for them to see that god can join them in their lives. but god doesn't ask them to throw away all of their interests. That god wants to join them in their life and so i think that makes him so much more relatable and is helpful her kids and really all of us to know and remember that god created us. The way we are. There are a lot of our interests sinful desires apart from this but a lot of our good passions and interests are godly. Given to us right. God gave me the passion to serve moms. God gave me the interest in play. These things are who god created me to be and so kids know what they're interested in. They know they're interested in playing with dolls. Or they're interested in dinosaurs or building and super kids to be able to take who they already know they are and what they're interested in and invite god into that makes him a lot more approachable. I feel like and And can be really encouraging for our kids and build their confidence in In who they are and who god created them to be in that identity that they are growing and learning about so adding face to their play as one important approach to a playful face. The other approach is adding play into our faith. So some of those things that you may already be doing for faith growth activities in your home adding and incorporating play into those into the spiritual disciplines. I love spiritual disciplines. And i think they sound really lofty. But i just want you to hear when i say spiritual disciplines here here that as those day to day week to week month to month practices that we do those things that we do in order to invite god into our lives it. They don't need to be super spiritual and To feel like you. Are you have to be a pastor or theologian to be able to use spiritual practices. All of you are probably already doing them so spiritual disciplines are just those things that we do to help us grow closer to god and we get to add play into those things and i think it will help not only your kid kids and their faith but i think it will help your faith grow and your relationship with christ deepen as well. So let's let's talk about Adding faith in to our kids play we can. We can do big super adventures and definitely you can add faith into those big vacations big trips but today really want to focus on the kind of small play that kids do on a day to day basis. Em i'm going to give you three things to look for while your kids are playing and three things the three things that you can talk about with your kids as their plane and just to add some playful faith conversations to watch your kids love and already want to do and ways that they're already exploring their world so the three things that we're going to look for i one our bible story characters. Is there something that your kid is doing or your kids are playing or doing. That reminds you of a bible story or bible character. Maybe your kids are pretending to have a tea party and they're pretending to be queens and princesses. Could you link to queen esther or could you talk about a wedding feast that jesus went to and he turned the water into wine. If your kids are playing wedding did you know that. Jesus went to a wedding and the very first miracle he ever did was at a wedding to me. That is so cool. I love that. she's us. Wanted to celebrate you weddings. Jesus left wedding. You have something in common with. Jesus super simple conversation. You don't need to be a deep theologian. Have a of bible knowledge to say. Wow look you're having a feast. Queen esther through a feast. These are things that you can easily look for in what your kids are doing even superheroes. Wow you're playing superheroes. Are you very brave and talk about a brave character in the bible. Talk about somebody who wasn't brave. Talk about jesus being brave but look for a story or character that your kids play sparks in your imagination in your memory and if you need help doing this pray i promise you if you ask the holy spirit to give you wisdom and insight in creativity for adding faith to your play. The holy spirit will show up. He will answer you. It may not look like exactly what you were hoping for but he is faithful and he wants you to be successful in this.

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