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As a play by play announcer, it does build. You feel the build over the course of the game. By the way, Jimmy, I mean, this is pretty insane to think of it in these terms. This was a great NCA tournament, 2022. Zero buzzer beaters. I know there's not one buzzer beater in the lot. And it still made for a pulsating tournament. Yeah. For sure. What was the better raftery line when Kansas's Remy Martin hit a shot late and they have said, there's nothing like a little Remy late at night. Or I believe it was the duke Carolina game when someone got a little slap in the face and he said, it's not even the Oscars. Yeah. I like the Remy. Even more. Yes. Really? I did. I worked for me. I like the Oscars but because one, I didn't think raf would have the Will Smith joke, and he did it so subtly it worked perfectly. But even the Oscars. Yeah. Yes. It was very good. But I just like any kind of play on words with him in regards to self deprecation and drinking. And if it's done in his very sly way, you know, I had one earlier in the tournament there was an update and Adam lefkoe threw it back. It was Remy Martin and, you know, again, this is just in the moment, and I just played it off with. Oh, Remy Martin. Goes down so smooth. And you just continue. Right. Right. And that's the end of it. But I know there are enough people out there. I get it. And you dropped a more cowbell on us during the tournament. I did, yeah, 'cause his name was hunter Dickinson. And you don't get a lot of Dickinson's in high level sports. So I didn't do it in a way I thought that if you didn't get the reference that you're like, okay, I don't know what the hell this guy's talking about. But if you did get the Bruce Dickinson part, we got it. Yeah, yeah. I know you got it, but does America get it? I'm not sure. It isn't rafting. The thing about raftery as good as ever. No suffrage. He completely crushed the NCAA championship game. I thought he was tremendous. He was on top of stuff before it happened. He nailed things in the moment. His awareness, his passion for it. Yeah, he's and I did a bunch of games with him this year, Jimmy. So I'm there with him. I see the preparation is still the same. His enjoyment level is still as high as it's ever been. His recognition level still high, the Q rating within college basketball arenas. You know how many, how many pictures he takes? How many babies he kisses? How many hands he shakes? You know, we had a tight flight on one of them. I can't remember we were going out of Detroit. So it was a Michigan state game, I believe. And there was like a receiving line at the end of the game, and he doesn't have it in him to say no. I'm looking at the clock. I was like, it's going to be tight. We didn't make it, but he took 40. I'm like, Bill, we got to go. Let's go. Yeah. Yeah. And he'll say, oh, like they know. They're fans that are surrounding him. He needs me to go. But he's still, he's still just gets, gets it. At all levels, he gets. Last thing before I let you go, I'm not going to ask you, are you enjoying it as much as me? Because I think I'm enjoying it a little too much, but Chris mad dog Russo, who you used to work for at WFAN. On first take. Yeah. That's great. I mean, talk about just a renaissance for the dog at this point. Yeah, and you know what's interesting, Jimmy, for doggy, look, this could have been ten years ago, and it would have worked. But for some reason, I feel like it works better now. And where he is in his life and what that fills whatever void that fills for him on a national level to do that, a high profile, the fact that he can go back and forth with Stephen a and do it with that look in his eye, you know, Chris, you know, Jimmy with doggy. He won't just say things for effect. He will sometimes I'll completely disagree with him, but he will believe it in his heart. 100%. And he will go with every angle to try to dress you down if you have the opposing viewpoint. And that could be on the air with a caller. That could be with a guest on the air that could be in a car when I drove with him for a year of my life commuting between Astoria and midtown and that passion is real and his ability to make those moments stand out, that's a real thing. So it's combustible and it's tangible and it's a lot of fun. And I think he's having a gas. I think he's really enjoying it. And for you and I, obviously, I mean, you know much better you work for him. But you know, we forget, even though he's on series like that, he's still a New York thing. The fact that so many people around the country are now being exposed to him. And seeing The Rain man like memory and the fact that he wants it to be 1950 in sports. People must be. I mean, the first time he hit Steven a would an Otto Graham reference, it was phenomenal. Yeah, and look, it's going to run the gap. Greta gobble. The idea that that could be mentioned on first take is hard to fathom, but he will find a way. And it's not even something that he would think of that morning. Like, hey, man, I really got to get in, it is completely in the moment and the rolodex for him is in a different era. His references are different yet, if you do go and Google them, if somebody that doesn't know, you'd be like, oh, wow. That actually made sense in a crazy, nutty way. He compares every NFL head coach to Vince Lombardi. If you're not even Belichick, he would knock by saying he's no insulin bar. It's just an amazing way to look at sports. And sometimes then even like an NBA guy, you'll say that so and so is having a great run and it is a fun player. Hey, look, there's no elven Hayes. Okay. What? Why? I'm sure I'm sure he'll have you on sometime during these playoffs. And we'll tell you why Kyrie and Duran are not great. Yeah. The butcher or something. Yeah, and believe it or not, Jimmy, when he'll have me on, it will be if I do a game on Turner and then have to fly to a net game in either Boston or Brooklyn and something will peek his curiosity about how I got there. That will be the thrust of hey, we gotta get little buddy on for a spot. I have no idea how that will absolutely keep him up at night, trying to determine what flight I.

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