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Old man. Who's the protagonist. So there's that but it's also super nerdy and geeky and also high fantasy fund and stuff like that But but the point being that like humans are so creative. We come up with all sorts of things. use it Engaged the people around the world around you and if so what if they turn into a forty five year old who still has is loving all things minecraft or watch anime. We're watches adamy man by the way speaking of enemy. is a is the japanese version of Rpg's now way so sonars line is one example of so it's basically the idea is the protagonist or protagonists are somehow going into a world where it's game like characteristics so it's a lot of fun But yeah enemy. As a perfect example the enemies also beautiful example because you have enemy ranging from Scifi fantasy all the way over to drama and comedy and everything in between like it's it's a beautiful art form and also it's a wonderful exposure to another culture if you're if you're a westerner in culture at i love experiencing learning a little bit about japanese culture definitely. Anybody who says avatar. The less ed vendors. Not anime i will. I will animate narrow tow my husband's about narrow toe which was pretty mainstream but it's probably one of the best enemies of all time. Honestly the messages everything about the anime the messages and the lessons you can learn in those and empathy building just from watching is just phenomenal. Phenomenal way to so many things. And if you're not in the enemy but you're into western animation Steven universe is wonderful for teaching empathy skills and actually Incredibly musical to and steven hayes actually references it in his latest. He references it in a liberated. Mind there's actually a song that i think. Sir sugar is the creator wrote and took in inspiration from some act stuff and following the character stevens through his development. All the way through to the they..

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