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In tonight after the eight o'clock news Bob Boston Police commissioner, the former commissioner, Ed Davis. I'll join Dan Ray on night side to talk all about this at 607 Our other top story tonight. Hurricane Zaius, the storm making its way through the Caribbean, the sour latest guidance out from the National Hurricane Centre and as of five o'clock that storm right now, about 195 miles south southeast of Nassau in the Bahamas, it's making its way creeping to the northwest at 15 miles an hour. Storm right now, with Max sustained winds at about 75 miles an hour hurricane warning now up for parts of the east coast of Florida. That is actually where the president is tonight in Tampa, meeting with a police group at the airport there will do whatever's necessary to help Florida and This storm. I guess it's going to be a pretty rough storm. But I know one thing after having done this for 3.5 years, you've seen worse. You seen some beauties? We could start to see some effects from the storm early next week. National Weather Service Guidance says the storm will make its way up the East Coast and move into our area likely Tuesday or Wednesday. Of course, you can always stay right here to W. B. C news radio and we'll keep you posted as it makes its way a little bit closer Now, with hurricane season well underway at this point, the American Red Cross says it needs volunteers. They say they need these volunteers to care for people when disaster strikes, not just hurricane, so we're talking wildfires. Earthquakes. Anything that could possibly have in a tornado is say they need help for shelters, Health services and so much more. So if you're interested in volunteering, you can head to their website at Red Cross dot or GE 60 wait. Let's see how we wrapped up the week on Wall Street. Here's Bloomberg business. The last minute you turn on Wall Street. Ended up sending the Dow into.

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