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Karen Travers, Republican Senator Alan Simpson. Pay tribute to his friend, George H W Bush with the eulogy that had the former president sons and daughter and their spouses, laughing and nodding their heads. Hey, loved a good job the richer. The better. His head back and give their great laugh, but he never ever. Could remember a punchline? I mean never Simpson. Bush were sons of US senators he described the forty first president as a class act from birth until death. And he was a man of such great humility those who travel the high road of humility in Washington DC or not bothered by heavy traffic. Mr Bush will be buried at his presidential library at Texas. Am university decades in prison for the man convicted of stabbing a Connecticut man to death who was a guest at a party at his luxury Manhattan apartment wearing inmate khakis at our new prison haircut. James Rackover said nothing as he was sentenced to Twenty-eight years to life for the 2016 murder of Joseph communality, the Twenty-seven-year-old surrogate son to celebrity jeweller, Geoffrey Rackover was convicted on all counts last month, a beating and stabbing communality to death at Rackover Sutton place apartment and then burning and burying the body in a shallow grave on the jersey shore communality spotter, Pat, choked back tears as. He asked for and got the max for his son's killer. Calling rack over a punk who is headed to prison where he belongs. Al Jones ten ten wins at Manhattan criminal Koren's news time eleven twenty five..

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