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Blood stained eyes. And you hear his voice sort of echo through this valley here going what is the meaning of this? That's details have done nothing to the sapphire scale. You hear shouts from the crowd of all of these blue dragon elves shouting out. Justice for the high prince Perry winkle. Justice for periwinkle. Oh no. And el turns to you guys and goes, that's my uncle's room not. They have my uncle shroom rod. What do we do? Yeah, how do you want us to approach? If we could free shroom rod, I feel like that would turn the tides pretty easily, right? Yeah, I'm looking at that binding wondering if we should just go ahead and give me perception or insight checks. That is a Nat one. Okay. That's going to be a 23. 11. Solid Cali, you look down at this force, the deep elves have been disarmed, they are under the poison effect, outnumbered, ten to one, odds are really in the favor of the blue dragon elves here. And freeing shroom rock from the bindings wouldn't have. So shroom rot looks like a large dragon sort of like Queen umber sport, like roughly as strong looking as queen numbers four. Could potentially put up a good fight and probably beat this other adult blue dragon that's there, but even he's outnumbered. There's more blue and green dragons here. This is just a small outpost of this is not like a whole undercity, like Queen number spores. This is what if princess shiver blight was a deep elf, essentially. Although shroom rot, you have no reason to think that he's a moron. I've seen those red eyes, though. He looks like maybe he partakes. But it's definitely a situation where they're a small force that has just been invaded by the empire, essentially. You see, Elsa is kind of unsure what to do, watching, and you guys see that one dragon elf captain who kind of sticks his nose up at everybody, especially the deep elves. As long silver hair, blue dragon mask, a long, blue gloves. He walks along

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