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7 60 wjr. You're hearing the Paul W. Smith Show News Talk. 7 60 wjr. There's just times you look forward to, uh, I look forward to doing my show because of the guest lineup. Earlier, it was Lee Trevino, which was great fun. Up with him. He's coming back to the tree tops will be there with him on Thursday, July 29th to relive that hole in one that he got 20 years ago and then donated half of the million bucks to ST Jude's Children's hospitals. And then also knowing that I was going to have a person that you enjoy Monday through Friday from eight till 11 PM on WJR. He's a multiple six or seven time. New York Times Best selling author. You see him on Fox News where he is a star where he does his life, liberty and live in you. You You just see him everywhere and I respect him everywhere. And of course, I'm talking about Mark Levin and his latest book, American Marxism. Welcome Back to the Paul W. Smith Show, Mark. Paul. I always love talking to you. You You are terrific. And Lee Trevino. My God, I love Lee Trevino. Watch them all these years. So if you can go online at W j r dot com the pole W. Smith Page and here The interview. He is as delightful at 81, as you could ever guess He is full of life. And full of great stories. Mark really, you know, it's not exactly what you do on your show, but you would love talking with him. There's no question about that. You know, no question. What has occurred to me? Honestly. You are the canary in the coal Mine for America. You. You know what I mean? When I say that Well, that's very kind of you. But we got to figure out how to get out of this coal mine. I'll tell you that, Uh, we got to get people to listen to what you say, because what you say, makes great sense. And I am certain though. I don't have a copy yet, but we'll get it. I am certain that American Marxism follows in the path that you've established that you've warned us about for years. Well, I'm sorry you should have gotten and I will tell you this. I started thinking about this. I started this book 16 months ago. And it's time to start calling it what it is and stop playing games. They are not democratic socialist. They're not progressives. They are not social activists. Uh, these movements whether it's critical race theory or the DeGross movement, they call themselves the green new deal, which is a war on capitalism. The open borders, which is being preached in our universities and colleges under something called black crit. The attack on binary sex is with the transgression transgender movement being taught in elementary schools. I looked at the core of this who started these things. Things don't just happen. It's not just a coincidence. And in every single case, he goes back to Marxism. You look at critical race theory. The founders have it bragged about being Marxist. They're trying to change the propaganda. Now you see. Joy Reid was a complete fraud on MSNBC, she sang. Now this isn't Marxism. In bringing these, these fabulously wealthy authors who have written on the shoulders of this movement while preaching Marxism. They claim they're not First of all, they didn't invent this theory. Secondly, it is. Thirdly. They are among the most wealthy capitalists authors in the country and they make a fortune preaching the overthrow of our system. So if we want to keep our country I thought to myself. What can I do? You know, we only have limited abilities. Paul. What can I do Have my radio platform I've got Fox has got 11 TV. I've got to write on this because that is the most comprehensive way to address this and to make it bulletproof from the radical left in the media. The corrupt media will attack it regardless. But to convey it to our listeners exactly who's behind this the scholarship behind it. Then I provide my commentary explaining what it is and bringing up to the last chapter. And I say, Now, let's do something about it. We choose liberty. So there's 10,000 words. It's a long chapter. There's only seven chapters in this book. It's the longest book I've ever written. Nonetheless, where I lay out specific strategies and tactics in these various areas, look, they're not exclusive. People may have their own ideas, but Literally scores and scores them for how we can fight back because if we don't fight back Uh, we're going to lose our country. I say we're not looking into the abyss. Where in the abyss. We're trying to claw our way out there brainwashing our Children, for God's sakes. Right in elementary school right in front of our faces, and the unions are thumbing their nose and they're saying too bad. What are you going to do about it? We own these schools. These people work for us. It's about time we do something about it. It is absolutely about time. And this is a great opportunity for people to fully understand where Mark Levin is coming from in his new book that's available now just released. Uh, this month, like within the last couple of days, I think American Marxism is his latest as soon to be bestseller. He's had six or seven of them, and that's from the New York Times, which doesn't like him. It doesn't like anyone like him, but they are corrupt. They they will try and knock it off, You know, but I'll tell you what century you go to Amazon. How I'm the number one book, followed by To trump hating books. Followed by Jesse Waters and after him another trump hating books. So three of the top five books at amazon dot com. Trump hating books that have promoted all over our television networks that are promoted on all these other channels. Um they are. They are obsessed with trump. They hate the people who voted for Trump and I'm saying It's even worse than this. I'm saying that they've devoured our institutions, including the media..

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