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All states or situations this is something California is only twenty four hour local news and traffic station K. and extend seventy news radio and other is for fifteen I'm mark Austin Thomas coming up commemorating the freeing of the final slaves in the United States in Lamar park I'm Margaret Carrero tech giant now selling the cheapest five G. smartphone in some California organizations want to take away cannabis money from police those stories coming up in the next fifteen minutes first traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the five at four fifteen years Rick Smith got some road work going on in south el Monte the westbound side of the sixty from rose me to the seven ten the three left lanes are shut down forcing Caltrans were going on there they're also taking away the six oh five south transition to the sixty west if you're headed eastbound through diamond bar on that sixty from diamond bar Boulevard over to the seventy one it's the three right lanes and the connector to the seventy one south all shut down there they do get a crash out of the way in downtown LA on the old one oh one north mission road where a car hit the center divider was in the left lane for a little while but they did pull that off of the freeway in echo park the one ten south right before the one oh one it's the right lane and the transition to the one oh one north and south all shut down there if you're headed even further south on that one ten one ten south connector to the ten east is also shut down impairment Garfield on ramp to the one oh five west three car pileup blocking that on ramp there next report and for twenty five with more reports more often are mixed method the Toyota of Glendora twenty four hour traffic center can extend seventy newsradio low cloud cover and slightly cooler temperatures as we head into the weekend below average through Sunday our father's day we are expecting a warming trend though as we head into.

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