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Absolutely but it's a great way to if you can make money doing something you love oh absolutely in the first place for your career what a blessing that is right but if you had to do a career like you said you're tired of the numbers and you really wanted to go into this other thing that would be just a wonderful thing to do we talk a lot of people that work at like car factories and they're physically just broken down and for them to go in for fifteen twenty hours a week to their buddies shop and actually enjoy that process you know that's a that's a big deal so wonderful so do you have any other words of wisdom for our listeners i think we've gone through our questions and had a great conversation and focused on all the kopech is bringing to the community and we thank you for that all right i'm glad to hear it's going strong to tell hell and businesses that's scream we really enjoyed the opportunity to share all of our speakers expertise and obviously your partnership for so long right rose happened to help out any way good good well thank you so much for joining us today on our podcast program for having me thanks for listening to the successful encore career podcast presented by employment for seniors and sponsored by central ohio area agency on aging nationwide insurance and ino source this podcast is available on our website employ seniors dot org as well as apple podcast i tunes pot being youtube or your favorite podcast player to help us defray the cost of producing the podcast consider donating to employment for seniors go to employ seniors dot org and click on the donate now button any amount is appreciated and we'll make sure that we thank you for your support in an upcoming podcast episode employment for seniors is the premier resource linking mature adults with employment opportunities if you're fifty years of age or older and living in central ohio we're here to help you find employment and central ohio.

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