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Comedian, Lisa lamb. Finale is fifty six today Do you know who she is comedian. Choice she's actually been, here, on the. Show how about actor Benedict Cumberbatch. Forty one I haven't heard of. Him either he's had a string. That's movies I had some people text me why don't you give rob some money to, go to the movies are we're going to we're going to, get you. Caught up under Edward Norton Is fifty five He started really becoming well known with e r TV show And that's what what did? I say that's. Anthony Edwards Jim Norton, is forty nine Who, else is on the, birthday list, did you ever? Hear Leonard Skinner please? Say yes even. If you didn't I, think Thank god Alan Collins one of the founding members is thirty. Eight today that can't. Be right He has to be older than that Got songs older than thirty Founder of Starbucks Howard Schultz is sixty five See who else is on the list, very popular show in Pittsburgh. In particular actor Chris Sullivan turns thirty. Eight he plays Toby Damon on. The series this is us Have you ever seen that show. I have nine have no TV rob and. You leave the house we have to work, on some things Vikki Carr. Is seventy seven and nine hundred going. To ask you Let's see Stuart Scott who was a very talented sports caster would have been fifty. Three today He, was Clayton takes out ROY slow your roll kid it's only as year But, he rushed encrusted four. Hundred twenty three feet Because he is he had A real flair and knack. For being a sports caster thanks. Rob from the. Open championship this is Katie a radio leaderboard update brought,.

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