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Make sure that you are taking us with you wherever you go. I love it being able to have it with you. Eight five five two one two four CBS is the number. Sometimes winning is losing what I'll explain Gary and rocky top Tennessee joins us next. Now. Gary is rocky top Tennessee, actually, a place. Yeah. Actually. Yeah. We were to Knoxville's rocky topic. I know that I know that there's actually a town close to Knoxville changes thing to rock your top. Wow. Basil rocky top. Yeah. Here's a here's a couple of questions about these meals boulder. First of all, we love you here. Lock you down by the way. Thank you, buddy. The ball. These are these ridiculous sponsors do they feel in for NASCAR. That's my first question that could be you know, what it might be. I don't know where the sponsors come from. I look it's great. If people wanna play bulls just don't tell me that there are any good their lousy games. Yeah. These are lousy teams playing in lousy gates, but the college football writers, they try so desperately to convince you 'cause they're dying for content. They're like, oh, these games have great look at this football. It's so great to have football. It's like it's like watching peewee football. It's terrible. Hey, here's the second question. Now, let's go let's suppose, you're the middle linebacker for middle Tennessee State university and the highlight of your sports career. You're fifty right about someday your grandchildren is playing Dunkin donuts buy one get one free, and you may to tackle during. Oh, then you're. Have you had the human being failed life? If that's a no, no, no. You know, what you are at that point? Thanks for your call, buddy. And we love you. We love rocky top to hear your know what you are at that point is your Al Bundy. You're Al Bundy. And if you didn't watch married with children, you know, at the fabulous that O'Neill your Al Bundy at that point. If the highlight of your sports career is I had a four tackle game in the point Setia bowl, by the way, poinsettias. Poinsettias? Anthony, what are those red flowers at Christmas? I can tell you John w what is it there a sign of love their poinsettias, though. Oh, I don't know the name. Well, I keep hearing points set. Not a big flower guy. You're not a big flower guided, by the way, if you have if you if anyone you know has a cat. Or a dog don't get them appoint center because they are this poinsettias are poisonous really their poisonous. If if like if a if a cat went to town on the point said, he could kill the cat. Now. I'm not telling people if you don't like cats to bring over point SETI wipe out the cat. Yes. So don't miss the point and cats dogs. No, I will not give the person's name on the air because I love them. And I'm going to that I know of someone who spent like four thousand dollars to try to save their weight seriously. Yes. Because they bought these flowers reports Setia poisoning. And they spent like four thousand dollars to save the cat. And now you want the punchline of the story. I do it wasn't their cat. They were cat sitting. Oh, really? And and they were trying to save the life of this cat that they were cat sitting. Ahead. It ended up with like a four thousand dollar pay. Real-life cat is alive the cat's alive. So that's the great story. Okay. Anybody who thinks it's a bad story about like poisoning cats the cat's alive. Did they realize they poisoned the cat though? They realized that what it was from. But it was the cat sitters who poisoned the cat. The cat sitter. No, the cat sitters had poinsettias. They brought them over though. Now, they had them at their house. All and the cat was being sat at their place. Wow. Oh boy. Yeah. Not good. Now that good you don't want a four thousand dollar Bill Christmas. Now. Now, you don't really wanted someone else's. Yeah. You know, what I own cat. But for someone. I you're just really dumb. I think I would've I I'm not sure, but I may have waited for the for the cat to expire. I may have I'm not saying that I wanted. But I may have I sometimes losing is winning. And it's the situation. I'm in this a fan today. I saw my team win a Super Bowl last year. So I'm really happy. In fact, it's this year was this calendar year. It just seems like it was twenty five years ago. But. Sometimes winning is losing. And not winning meaningless games. Today. Like my eagles play the Rams. There's no reason to win this game. And there's no reason to win next week's game against Houston for the Atlanta Falcons. Three games to go horrendous season for the falcons playing playing absolutely terrible football playing the Arizona Cardinals today in a home game. Then honestly, if you put two falcons tickets underneath your windshield, wipers this morning outside Mercedes Benz stadium. You're gonna come back later and there's going to be four. Nobody wants to watch the falcons play the Arizona Cardinals. Now if my kid was misbehaving in school. I might take her down there. Just watch four quarters of it. That'll teacher start acting right behavior. Like, there's no reason for the falcons. Why you why would you even wanna win? Why would you want to win another game? Now, I promise you professional athletes are tanking. Whenever I hear about tanking in the NFL. It's preposterous. Tanking in the NBA is a different animal because of the fact that the manipulation the actual manipulation of a coach with five guys on the court what they can do. In the NFL. You're not getting a bunch of guys to throw a game or something like that. That's not happening. You get too many guys with pry too, many guys that want to win and they're worried about where the next paychecks come from because they only get sixteen games to show what they're about. So it's going to be a bit of an issue for them. They're they're they're going to be trying. They're gonna be trying really hard. And if you are a fan of the eagles fan of the falcons there are other teams in the same boat. Sometimes you win by losing. And yes, this is going to be one of the deepest defensive drafts in the history of the NFL, and I believe by the time February and March comes around people will be telling you this is the deepest defensive draft. They've ever seen. Do you want to be waiting for other people to make their move before you make your move or you cosmetically trying to win games in a season? That's already lost. Birds of prey like the eagles the falcons you stunk this year. Do you really what are you really really wanting to win? Is that what you wanna do? You really wanna be down the board more. See you got to wait. And you got to watch other people make their choices. Or maybe do you want to pick from the four best defensive players available or do you want to pick from the two of the remaining for best defensive players available. That's always goes in order that the guy taken I is the best. But wow. Meaningless games. Do.

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